By Demetrius Carrington

From Monica with Love


The year 2020 started with a lot of promise for Monica Hickson, she was in love. Her and her beloved David would spend their weekends at art fairs, dining and dancing to House Music which they mutually loved.

The future was bright and everything was beautiful. Around that time we began to hear about a virus that was spreading worldwide, the Corona Virus was front and center on the world’s stage.

On March 17th the unthinkable happened.

Dave became ill with the virus, and on March 27th he was hospitalized.

He passed away on April 14th.


In an instant everything changed. David was gone. All our hope, dreams and plans for the future no longer exist.

The pain was immeasurable. Depression set in immediately followed by paralyzing fear and uncertainty.

Fighting for her sanity Monica began to journal her feelings which she has now turned into a book “The COVID Diaries” a touching expose about her love for David Norman Reed and the process of healing from such a devastating ordeal.

I recently spoke with Monica; this is a bit of our conversation:

DC: Tell me about your book?

MH: The book is about healing from losing someone to COVID-19. The book is written like a journal regarding my loss of my longtime fiancé. It captures the essence of what it feels like to lose someone to this deadly virus. It also talks about healing and the different types of grief, not just the stages but the types. In this book you will find both perspectives on healing and death.

DC: What made you write it?

MH: I wrote this book as a memorial to David. He didn’t get a proper funeral or memorial. There wasn’t any level of closure for either of us. This is an acknowledgement that he existed and that he’s not just a number.

The book is also an acknowledgement for the millions of people that have died from this deadly virus, it’s my way of giving back to the families and honoring my beloved David.


DC: How are you now?

MH: I am still trying to heal. Everytime I go to a grocery store or anywhere in public I see people wearing masks and it reminds me of losing David. It reminds me that he never had an opportunity to wear a mask. He never had the opportunity to get vaccinated. He just never had a chance. I’m still dealing with depression and loneliness. It’s like a sci-fi movie that I can never get over.

DC: Tell us what life was like before COVID?

MH: Before COVID, David and I would spend our weekends at different House Music and Techno music venues. We both enjoyed House Music and the culture. We both enjoyed each other’s company by going out to dance, eat, art fairs, and exploring new restaurants. All of that is now gone.

DC: What do you want people to come away with after reading your book?

MH: I want people to understand that this virus is real, some people still think they’re invincible and that is just not true. I want people to understand that the people who have passed away from this deadly virus are people with names, they are not just numbers. I want them to know that these people are loved by all, whether they are black, brown, or something else. They have families who miss them daily.

DC: What’s next for you?

MH: I plan on writing other books regarding hope and loss. I want to make sure everybody will never forget David Norman Reed‘s name. He deserves that. The book is just one way to honor him. I will continue to honor him. I hope to do audio books for people and do voiceover work.

DC: Where can people find your book?

MH: You can find my book at to purchase a signed copy of the book. It can also be found on Amazon. I would prefer readers to purchase the book from my website.


Monica is resilient and brave. Her love for David is remarkable and it deserves our attention.

Thank you for sharing your story.