The Brand World Is Buzzing: Atomic Honey Sweetens Results for Emerging Brands


As many brands prep for an economic shakeup, Detroit advertising agency Atomic Honey is helping a select few of them do more than just brave the storm. They’re winning big along the way, with a plan to come out on top.

Economic uncertainty, as it relates to emerging companies and their advertising, generally means one thing. Pundits chirp about inflation and a looming crash. Brands start shaking – and shaking down their budgets. The earliest things to go are advertising and marketing.

“While a lot of brands are cutting spending, our clients are increasing along with their growth,” says Atomic Honey president Robb Taylor. “If you have a great product or brand, and you believe in what you’re doing, shutting off your voice might be one of the worst things you can do, especially now.”


Atomic Honey’s clients (which include names in cannabis, spirits and beer, restaurants, food and beverage, healthcare and more) have consistently seen impressive increases in key campaign metrics, especially sales. Even in categories that are down overall, agency clients are thriving.

The agency’s approach – connecting the dots for audiences, and then leading them to water – has earned Atomic Honey a name themselves for helping brands climb uphill battles. It shows in the work, whether it’s for digital and traditional, viral social media clients, or activation case studies.

“Our teams have a sense for connecting brands and audiences in a way that motivates them,” says Taylor. “Data drives where we find the right audiences for the story. Then we measure and make it better”


The agency’s approach starts with tapping into a brand’s authentic voice and truest story. They’re able to tease out the right words and feelings, crafting messages in a way that helps the brand be heard. What’s more: the agency makes it matter to audiences, giving them a reason to engage.

It’s not just about activation, either. The agency has built an impressive resume of branding, re-branding, and new product launches. Even in crowded categories, Atomic Honey has helped brands make their mark.

When they created and launched NBA legend Ben Wallace’s cannabis line, the market was flooded. They had to create an authentic brand (name, logo, everything) around a notable person people think they know.


Even though the market was getting hammered, Atomic Honey helped carve out a place for Ben Wallace’s Undrafted, while doing the same with its parent company. The new brand jumped into the market from a solid footing, and the original and its dispensaries enjoyed triple digit growth and hit a 13:1 return on ad spend.

Results like this aren’t uncommon for an agency hellbent on helping their clients grow. It proves Atomic Honey’s approach is working, and not just for cannabis clients.

The agency was founded in 2019 by industry veterans Steve Jbara and Robb Taylor. Get to know Atomic Honey a bit more, clients, results and all: (