The Biggest lies Republicans are using about Black People to scare voters


Do you ever wonder why so many black people vote for Democratic politicians? The big reason is that Democrats predominately supported the passage of several civil rights bills that were signed into law during the 1960s. These bills offered more rights and protections to African Americans and all other people of color.

Republican politicians were heavily opposed to those civil rights bills. African Americans never forgot about that, which explains why they continue to vote for Democrats. Over the years, the Republicans have lost many elections because of black people voting against them. Even sympathetic white people have moved away from the Republican Party as well.

To win supporters, Republicans tell all kinds of lies about black people to scare voters away from the Democratic Party and bring them back to the Republican Party.

Below are the top three lies that Republicans are using about black people.

Lie # 1 – Black People Are Lazy
Republicans seem to portray black people as being lazy. They claim that black people would rather collect welfare than work at a job and earn a living. That is supposedly the reason why the unemployment rate amongst the African American community is so high.

The truth is that African Americans have a more difficult time finding a job than white Americans. African Americans are discriminated against frequently, and many of them have fewer economic opportunities in their neighborhoods. So, the high rate of black unemployment isn’t due to their laziness. It is due to discrimination and a lack of available jobs.

Lie # 2 – Black People Want Free Stuff
Republicans are always criticizing Democrats for offering food stamps and government assistance to needy people, particularly black people. According to Republicans, black people want free healthcare, income, housing, and food without working for it. And they accuse Democrats of pushing socialism onto black people so that they’ll continue to stay in poverty.

The truth is that Democrats want black people to work just as much as Republicans. The difference is that Democrats don’t want black people to starve. If black people have no health insurance or income because they cannot find a job, how are they going to survive without government assistance? It isn’t about just giving away free stuff. It is about giving black people assistance until they get back on their feet again.

Lie # 3 – Black People Commit Most of the Crimes
Republicans have a fear of black people because they believe black people are dangerous and commit most of the crimes in America. Republican politicians try to convince voters that if you vote for Democrats, then the police will get defunded, and violent gangs will roam the streets and hurt you. When Republican voters hear that, they associate gangs with black people.

The truth is that black people are targeted more by the police. It goes back to America’s long history of racially profiling people of color. So, if it seems like black people end up in prison at a higher rate than white people, it might be because the police are targeting black people more often.

Black people and white people can be as equally dangerous. Just stop listening to Republican propagandists and start looking at the realities of America. Then you will realize this is true.

Yes, America is a violent country with lots of violent people. But when you look at the riots on the streets in cities across the country, you won’t see armies of black people causing violence. It is a healthy blend of right-wing and left-wing extremists, both of which are predominately white.