Team Marriage! How Couples Work As A Team To Win At Marriage!


A marriage documentary on how couples work together as a team to win at marriage! 18 couples shared their journey through marriage and how they work together to make their marriage successful. Charles and Kimberly Spence have been married just over 6 years and met on a blind date. They were married February 14th 2013 and live in Novi, Mi with their daughter Ashley. Charles (Director and Producer) is Chief Creative Officer at Hype Voice Creative Services which produces radio and television commercials for local and national businesses. Kimberly (Producer) has been a private duty nurse for more than 20 years and has cared for many patients throughout her career. Kimberly and Charles love to travel, go to the movies and enjoy life. Kimberly and Charles believe you should work hard, play harder, and enjoy each other each day because you never know when it will be your last! #teammarriage

Over the past few years of taking photos and using the hash tag “team marriage” we noticed the amount of comments we were getting on social media. That sparked the idea to inspire couples thinking of marriage and couples going through a rough time to work as a team! We decided to produce a documentary with interviews from married couples who have inspired our marriage!

For a team to make it to the championship they must work together through hard work, commitment, dedication and persistence. Couples must apply the same mindset to make a marriage successful!

Check out the inspiring trailer that has critics saying “Best Documentary of the year” Red Carpet Premiere Oct 20, 2019 (Sweetest Day Weekend) Birmingham Maple Theater RSVP: #whydidigetmarried