Styling Summer Hats

By Im Lovely Day


I've been a hat lover as far back as I can remember. Ball caps, bucket hats, newsboys, fedoras, floppy hats….you name it. I'll rock it. I don't save wearing them just for winter either. I'm turning heads in them throughout spring and summer too! They hide when my locs are fuzzy and need tightening. They keep sweat from running down my face and ruining my makeup. At the same time, they really do a lot to elevate an outfit and add some individuality to your look. Most black women reserve summer straw hats for trips to Mexico, Jamaica, etc. with a banging swimsuit and cover up, which makes for a great slay, but you can easily rock them as a part of your everyday wardrobe here in the US. They’re generally found in neutral tones, so the possibilities of what you can wear them with are virtually endless. You just have to put it on and rock it with confidence. Check out my latest video for some everyday summer hat styling inspiration and be sure to SUBSCRIBE to the channel, if you haven’t already.