Shopping Luxury Under $500

By Lovely Day


When you hear names like Cartier, Chanel, Alaïa and Hermès, you undoubtedly think of the iconic luxury items they're known for. Cartier with Buffs or Love Bracelets, Chanel's Classic Flap, Alaïa's Corset Belts and Hermès' coveted Birkin. It's safe to say you also immediately think how expensive it all is. The truth however, is these items only make up a very small fragment of their amazingly well crafted luxurious selections. They actually all have extensive collections, with a vast range of price points. Most people don't really look for anything other than what's considered to be popping and well known. So they miss out on the little gems great designers are putting out and often at a great value! So when I started thinking about Mother's and Father's Day gifts for this year, I decided to challenge myself to see what kind of luxury items I could find that would make me look like a rockstar, in my parent’s eyes and would also make memorable gifts without me having to spend all my hard-earned coins. I found plenty of luxury, designer items for UNDER $500!

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Happy Shopping,