Seven Of Our Favorite Things

By Staff

It’s that time of year again where we name “Our Favorite Things.”

Our team spent countless hours debating and even sometimes arguing, but these and the things we
enjoying the most right now.

1. Puma Classics Suede Sneakers
In the era of the $800.00 sneaker the Puma Classics have stood the test of time. They still look fresh, cool and are still priced right.


2. Wings from Flower of Vietnam

These are the crispiest wings you’ll ever eat. Even the next day the crisp still remains and the taste is awesome.


3. Thursday Nights at the Apparatus Room

The crowd is mixed and the vibe is very “New Detroit."It’s a very good time.


4. Chili Mustard and Onions

Peter Joseph and his staff have managed to create a vegan Coney Island that actually tastes great. Don’t take our word just go see for yourself.


5. Bevlove

Known as the “Detroit’s Beyonce” but make no mistakes, Bevlove has carved out a path all her own. It won’t be long before the whole world knows what Detroit already knows, Bevlove is dope!!


6. Zims Vodka

This is the second straight year that Zims has made our list. What can we say we enjoy a proper vodka. The taste is smooth and refreshing and you won’t regret it in the morning.


7. The Great Grill Cheese Book

This book is packed with Grown-Up Recipes for a Childhood Classic. Try them all!!!