Psychic medium brings comfort to others with messages from the other side


In these difficult times, with so many people coping with loss and sadness, the desire to understand what happens after death, especially to those we love, has taken on a renewed urgency. Psychic medium Lynn Darmon is helping provide some answers, using her clairvoyant abilities to help give comfort through communication with the Other Side.

“It’s nothing mystical,” says Darmon, who is based in Farmington Hills. “It’s about energy. Energy doesn’t die, it just goes to a different, higher dimension and communication is still possible.”

The people we love are not gone, they have simply undergone a transformation but the essence of who they are and the connections they made in life still remain. “I don’t use the word ‘die’ in my vocabulary,” Darmon says. “I use the words ‘life after life.’”

As a psychic medium, Darmon is able to serve as a conduit between those in the afterlife and those left behind. She receives impressions – sights, sounds and smells – that help facilitate communication between one world and another.

The goal is to help people grieving lost loved ones find a measure of comfort and begin to heal. “Sometimes the smallest, the most insignificant details will come through to prove to the person I’m working with that their loved one is still there. It’s validation that the people they love are still with them.”

Through her experiences, Darmon has come to believe that family and friends who have passed on still wish to help guide those they left behind. “Everyone has free will and we make our own choices, but they are still out there, helping us as a support system.”

Darmon first recognized her second sight at the age of five. “A grandfather of mine lived out of the country and it came to me that he had passed away,” she recalls. “My mother received a telegram a few hours later that he was gone.”

Throughout her youth, Darmon received messages whether in the form of words, smells, sounds or impressions, first from her own family members who had passed away and then from the loved ones of others around her. She calls this gift her “second sight.”

“I never paid attention to it until later – it seemed perfectly normal.” She began to work on better controlling the gift and understanding the impressions that came to her. “Before, it was kind of like knowing a language but not knowing the grammar.”

Her abilities coalesced in a difficult and potentially tragic situation, when she had a premonition about her infant daughter’s health. After bringing her baby to the emergency center, she was hard pressed to explain what she had foreseen.

Facing skepticism and the threat of a psychiatric evaluation, Darmon persisted, eventually persuading doctors to perform additional tests. Ultimately, the test results confirmed her premonition and the resulting diagnosis saved her daughter’s life.

The situation and its results inspired Darmon to begin using her skills to try and help others. She worked with police to successfully locate a missing child and began seeing individuals to help them find comfort and closure. Her work was featured on Dr. Oz and the news series 20/20 and in online publications such as The Huffington Post.

In the years since, Darmon has built a practice designed to support and help. She does not tell the future nor does she attempt to tell people what to do. She simply offers a connection.

“I never want people to be scared,” she says. “If I’m shown something in the future, I make clear that these are possibilities. People are hungry for guidance right now. They are needing reassurance and healing.”

As one client who lost her parents attested, “I am still reeling from the information that came through. It was as if my parents had simply included her at one of our old dinner parties. The information was so specific to me and my family – things no one could know through Google or even through friends of mine – that I left feeling like I had gotten another chance to talk to them. The messages they provided were surprising, comforting, and welcoming to my soul.”

For some clients, who have lost children or whose family member or friend passed on in difficult circumstances, the need for healing can be overwhelming. In seeking to contact children who have passed on, Darmon often will receive messages from grandparents or other members of older generations who want to reassure parents that the child is safe, loved and in their care on the Other Side.

Darmon also seeks to provide comfort for those whose beliefs may be causing them added concern. “Different belief systems have different ideas about suicide, for example. But I am able to help them see that their loved one is surrounded by other family members and reassure them that their loved ones are at peace.”

To many people, these ideas may sound outlandish or beyond belief. Darmon understands people’s hesitations. “People will come in and say, ‘my wife wants me here, but I don’t believe this’ and that’s fine. I want people to just feel comfortable. I’ve always felt that if people find their way to me, then it was meant to be.”

And as for the skepticism, “that’s just part of the balance of the universe,” Darmon says. “The more aware you become, the more you will receive.”

And while the experience may not be for everyone, it can go a long way toward closing the wounds of loss. “There are so many healing benefits,” Darmon says. “To expand our consciousness can be beneficial in so many ways. Sometimes people come to me not knowing what to expect. I tell them, don’t expect what you want but expect what you need.”

For those experiencing grief, that need is centered on knowing the connection – and the love – they felt for those they lost is still intact. For Darmon, it is an honor to be able to serve as that bridge and to bring those lost voices back to life.

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