Protest towards progress

By Antisia King

Photo by Kory woods (@updateddet / @updateddet / @kory.woods)

As the protests were just getting started Detroit City Council President Pro Tempore Mary Sheffield and other concerned citizens gathered at the Detroit Association of Black Organizations headquarters located on Grad River and Wyoming on the West Side Detroit.

They discussed the goals of the protest and how we can all work together to meet our goals. We all agreed that this protest had to lead to progress. “The senseless killing of unarmed black people must stop now,” echoed speaker after speaker. We also discussed the importance of not letting outsiders hijack our message with senseless violence. The crowd was united as one as the speakers laid out a clear plan of action.

We also discussed how to properly protest in the middle of pandemic, as you know since the protest began we haven’t spoken much about Covid19, so we reiterated the importance of staying safe while we congregate to protest.

We also stressed the importance of voting and getting our youth engaged at an early age, I must say it was a powerful day.

You could feel the Black Pride in the air, this is our time to make change happen and we must do it properly. We also talked about some long term plans for making our city the best it could be. Everyone left feeling energized and ready to go, from the looks of it the movement shows no signs of slowing down.

Other speakers included Detroit business leaders and entertainment luminaries Royceda59, Trick Trick, Brenda Lawrence. IceWear Vezzo, Kdeezy and members of New Era Detroit and Horratio Williams to name a few.

I asked a few of the leaders what were their plans of action, Trick Trick stated that he will continue to patrol the streets as a peacemaker as he has been doing for years. Royceda59 said that he and the others are going to work together going forward and will be meeting on an ongoing basis to create opportunities to improve the life of Detroiters.

I look forward to all the wonderful things that are going to come out of this historic meeting.