Polo Frost Takes TikTok by Storm

By Mikey Eckstein


Polo Frost is blowing up on TikTok right now with his number 1 song "Best Ever". Beautiful Machine Magazine's Mikey Eckstein recently with sat down with him to learn more. Here's a glimpse of the conversation:


ME: What is your favorite TikTok video that has been created to your number 1 song on TikTok, “Best Ever”?

PF: There is a video of a nurse and one of her patients doing a TikTok to my song. The patient is a disabled kid battling an illness I’m unaware of, but it was such a beautiful thing to see a child who is fighting for good health, smiling and enjoying my song🖤.

ME: What live concert sticks out as a favorite that you have preformed at?

PF: When I performed with Juice Wrld. It was in my hometown and a sold out crowd at Eastern Michigan basketball arena. I never felt a vibe like I felt that night.


ME: What producer would you love to work with that you have not yet?

PF: I would love to work with Metro Boomin or Hit Maker.

ME: In your eyes who is the sexiest Instagram Model?

PF: Ari Fletcher @TheRealKyleSister is my wife. I love her so much.

ME: What is your drink of choice?

PF: Patron

ME: Has anyone used the Ypsilanti Water tower in the "Best Ever" challenge?

PF: I haven’t seen it yet. So I guess not. Lol


ME: Do you see your self producing music in the future?

PF: I would love to be the jack of all trades. I don't know if I have the patience to produce or learn how too so we will definitely see!

ME: As you being a ladies man, tell us what and where you would take a 1st Date to and experience in Detroit.

PF: Well we would definitely go out to dinner for sure because I love to eat. One of my favorite restaurants is Pao Detroit near downtown. I have a good buddy who’s a chef there, shout out to the homie Chef Alex. Then you could never go wrong walking along the River walk if the weather permits so I’d love that. I’d also like to take a date to the studio so she can catch me in my element. I might even make a song about her 😏.


ME: You have a new album titled “The Vaccine” coming out soon. Please tell us what people can expect.

PF: I am dropping The Vaccine March 15th, 2021. I have features from big Detroit artist such as Sada Baby, Teejay X6, Neisha Neshae, Allstar JR, and more. The album is mostly produced by my brother and super producer Flaw Da God. I’m very happy with this body of work and it’s great music from my heart and soul. I hope you all love it as much as I do!