People You Should Know May 2021


Mac Dery
"Your realtor for life"
Mac Dery in his own words.

That's who I strive to be. My name is Mac Dery aka Macd_realtor. I am a successful full time real estate consultant located in North Miami, FL. My journey on becoming a full time entrepreneur was not your typical path. However, I've always believed that I had a knack for business which guided me early on to pursue the entrepreneurship career track in high school (I went to a technical arts high school which had different career paths).

College Life
After graduating high school I attended Miami Dade College where I received my associates degree in Business. I then transferred to Florida International University where I obtained my bachelor's degree in Hospitality Management. During my time at FIU, I was awarded the opportunity to travel for the first time in my life, all expenses paid on top of that. There was a feeling of excitement, anticipation, and happiness that came from traveling, it stayed with me and had me wanting to experience more.

Professional Life
As I moved into the beginning of my professional career after graduating FIU, I was able to apply, interview, and accept a management position with a Fortune 500 company, Avis Budget Group. This was my first salaried position at the age of 25. On top of that, they had some awesome perks, a company car, 401k, vacation days, PTO, etc. But before I continue, I want to give you a background of my previous jobs just to show that I come from humble beginnings. I've held upwards of 15 jobs throughout the course of my life. Ranging from working at K-mart, Winn-Dixie, security, a short stint at Circuit City, just to name a few. I've held numerous internship positions ranging from a marketing company, liquor distributor, and a software company.

During my time with Avis Budget Group, I excelled at my role and that allowed me to be promoted and I was relocated to 2 different locations. I started my career in Fort Lauderdale, then relocated West Palm Beach, and eventually Detroit, Michigan. I was able to learn so many transferrable skills about creating systems, how to run a business, and especially manage a business which has enabled me to have a smooth transition into running my own business.

My Life Today
Fast forward to today, Some of the hats that I wear are:

Real Estate Consultant
Real Appraiser Trainee
Real Estate Investor
Airbnb Superhost
Board Member for a non-profit organization

Being a real estate consultant for me is more than just making money. It is about helping people realize their dreams of homeownership and the benefits of investing in real estate, all while having a professional there guiding them through the journey step by step. We as people of color have faced and still face discrimination when it comes to housing, and I use my position to help us breakdown barriers that at first, seemed too difficult to overcome.

Who I am?
I put god and family first, I strive to be the best that I can be everyday, I learn from my mistakes, I help others as much as I can, and I want to make a difference in this world starting with those around me.

If I can leave you guys with anything, it would be with two of some of my favorite quotes:

"God opens doors, not people"
"People may forget what you said, people may forget what you did, buy they won't forget how you made them feel" -Maya Angelou-

Mac Dery P.A.
Instagram & Facebook: @macd_realtor


LaToya Simpson
Candidly Speaking
The brand started as a blog but in writing and thinking about what I was passionate about I remembered working at a greeting card store in high school. I would have to restock cards every night and every night I would notice that most of the cards mirrored other forms of media and entertainment that I was inundated with daily. All of the cards, except one small section, looked like Rachel and Ross. Only a few looked like Maxine and Kyle. In blogging I had the idea to create a greeting card line that looked and sounded like me. Not seeing my community celebrated in birthday wishes or anniversaries, in my opinion, supported a narrative that we weren't important enough to be celebrated and that's just not true. My hope is that everyone enjoys my greeting cards and finds the beauty in the art and the words. More importantly I hope that these cards bring some pride to people who look like me.

Outside Card
Inside Card

Outside Card
Inside Card

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