People you Should Know

By Antisia King

Say Hello to Volencia Simpson


Volencia  is a fashion designer from Detroit  and the owner of Fiercely Made and Sew In Detroit.

She has a bachelor’s degree in public law and government from Eastern Michigan University. She also attended Cooley Law School under their CLEO program and received five awards, one being the “Hardest Worker” award.


Currently, she is working on her Master’s in Marriage and Family therapy.

She is not only successful academically; she is a prominent teacher, mentor, mother, and role model to her son and many other children and teens.


Her fearless attitude allowed her to obtain experience in the fashion industry as a model for many years, walking many renowned designer runways capturing the attention of the audience despite height restrictions.

Volencia is without question a woman, “Fiercely Made.” With this in her mind and her heart it led her to creating Fiercely Made.

She uses her “Fiercely Made,” boldness to encourage others that each and every individual has been created fiercely made. Later, she was inspired to create Sew In Detroit.


Sew in Detroit is just what the name says; it’s a sewing company based in Detroit. She loved the fashion industry, sewing, and teaching.  She also saw that there was a lack of things to do in Detroit, so she created a business where she could combine her three loves.

Sew in Detroit teaches beginners and intermediate sewers the fundamentals of sewing. Sew in Detroit is most known for their Sip N Sew parties, fashion show styling, and custom clothing. Visit Sew in Detroit on their Instagram @sewindetroit

Say Hello to Cyra Knight


It takes a special kind of creative to be a Special FX and a Glamour Makeup Artist. And that is exactly what you’ll find with Cyra Knight. From a young age she knew what she wanted to do and she does it very well. Whether she’s glamming you up for a night on the town or on a movie set creating the scariest creatures, Cyra always gets the job done.


Since graduating from the multimedia makeup academy in Troy Michigan where she specialized in special fx makeup and various other techniques, she’s been working and building her professional resume.

She has been freelancing for special events and working on some small sets like the Charles H. Write museum. She’s worked on some independent films and a web series called The Circle.


She has also been building my social media presence and you can reach her Instagram @CyraKnight

She also recently started a YouTube channel with the same name that shows tutorials and gives a behind the scenes of what it’s like being a makeup artist.


Her ultimate goal is to work on television and in the movies business, and from the looks of it, she’s well on her way.