Parenting in the Pandemic- A short essay by Moms with Sons

By Antisia King & Shantel Brown


I must say, this time has been one of the best times in my life. Spending time with my son during the pandemic has been life changing for me. Typically, being a single mom that always works, this time has allowed me the opportunity to study my son, focusing on strengths and weaknesses in us both. As a parent, it’s always interesting evaluating myself. Most times we single parents feel like “we got this” or maybe our routine is bible until we are forced out of our norm. Creating our new reality for what’s to come is something that is uncomfortable, yet necessary. I’ve been able to come up with a schedule that allows us both to grow appropriately based on our life goals. We’ve done vision boards, read books, had picnics, and overall just enjoying life, not knowing what tomorrow will bring.

But on the other hand, my child has been working my last nerves, question after question, can I do this? Can I do that, when this and when that? Trying to explain to him that the world is a different world nowadays and life is changing right before our eyes has been freighting to him. I know it must be quite confusing with school being out, not being able to play with his friends and all the protests, and the pandemic. Being the parent and making sure I'm doing my best to protect, love, and educate him has been my number one priority, even if it takes my last nerve.