By Kendra Mae
Sources include U.S Department of Education


The education of our youth during this pandemic comes with a huge question: Home school or traditional interactive schooling? When that question is asked, other questions must be answered. Traditional interactive schooling gives the advantages of social interaction and it solves the biggest problem for working parents, it provides daycare for the child.

With the average American working from home, with young kids in the house, how much time do you really have to teach your child and work at the same time? Another obstacle that parents face is do you risk your child's health for their education? Americans are waiting patiently for a vaccine for Covid 19 and home schooling may be the only prevention that parents may have to ensure the health of their child.

Parents are concerned about the physical health of their children but it's important to remember that social and mental health must receive nurturing as well. The isolation feeling that children are experiencing during these uncertain times of Covid 19 cannot be predicted. The long term effects cannot be predicted for the youth to say what is the best solution to this huge problem.

Most school districts across the country are not structured or have the technical capabilities to provide an efficient education, especially in minority school districts. Improvements and options are now being offered for parents to homeschool with funds and equipment coming from emergency funds from the government.

The relief that parents feel from keeping their children's health safe while still staying employed is so important. Big corporations and other employers are now paving a better way for at-home working parents. By allowing more flexible schedules and more paid time off, corporate America is putting humanity above profit.

While the leaders of America enjoy their power trip, the social injustices in this country will be brought to life. The United States Department of Education reported in February of 2019 that only 77.8 percent of blacks compared to 88.6 percent of whites graduate with a high school diploma. Alabama ranks the highest where black people receive a high school diploma while Wisconsin, Oregon, Ohio, New Mexico, Nevada, and Michigan all have below 70 percent of high school completion for black people.

The numbers for high school completion for blacks across America has increased over the years. While the numbers have increased; how can the previous generation teach the new generation with home schooling if they themselves don't have efficient education? The social injustice of education in America should shine a light on our government eyes. The government is responsible to provide an efficient, progressive, free of charge education for our youth.

The next steps that America takes with voting for the next president is very crucial. With main topics of concern being voiced towards public health and violent crimes, education falls at the bottom right before opening public gyms. To truly make a change, America must not only focus on physical health precautions but also establish a fair but equal, efficient, productive educational system.