October Fashion

By Touré Coates

Fashion should be fun and carefree. The way you dress is your opportunity to speak to world before you say a word.

The pieces that I’ve chosen do just that, I hope you are inspired.

Coach x Basquiat Collection


The Coach x Basquiat honors the legendary artist and his vision through clothing and accessories that also introduce the visionary to a new generation. Styles from the range include Coach's signature leather handbags, jackets, sweatshirts and tees embroidered with Basquiat's iconic imagery and phrases, such as the famous crown. Led by a campaign featuring Jennifer Lopez alongside an all black and brown cast including Michael B. Jordan, Paloma Elsesser, Jeremy Lin, Kyemah Mcentyre and more.

Reves Paris


New Jersey born designer David Weeks is paying homage. To those familiar with the Air Jordan 1 model we get a bit of nostalgia influence in this upcoming sneaker. Dubbed the Air Kiy is a collaborative release with fellow shoe maker Kool Kiy. Also available in the collection is a wide array of clothing and accessories such as leather jackets, eye wear, reflective basketball shorts & socks. Don’t wait either as his motto is “Buy This Shit Quick”.

Off-White x Nike Rubber Dunk


Virgil Abloh returns to the world of track with not one, but three colorways. The hybrid the Rubber Dunk, influenced by both skateboarding and the famed Pegasus runner. The newest Off-White collab is set to release October 1st. “A black sneaker is my go-to for everyday life,” he goes on to say. As such, most of its construction is hued entirely neutral, accented atop by sparse accents of the titular green hue. It dresses the rubber Swoosh, the outlines along the panel’s edge, and the tooling molds below, while a bright orange contrasts over top via the oversized zip-tie and ornamental tab.

My Lost Paradise


This past summer the world had been affected by a plethora of events. One in particular would be the protests of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor that turned into riots and looting. Resulting in Chicago artist by the name of King Rello to have his world turned upside. All of his statues were damaged or destroyed because of the looting. Starting to give up after taking such a hit he turned his lemons into lemonade. He would end repairing and repainting most of what could be selvaged. With a art installation taking place at Vault Gallerie recently dubbed “Flowers At The End of the World”. Available in the collection were his signature “Picking Daisies” statue, limited prints, clothing, candles & books. As Rello puts it “Like a flower, no two bloom the same”.