November's People You Should Know

Tafari Stevenson- Howard


Tafari Stevenson-Howard is an award-winning Detroit, Michigan-based visual artist and interpreter who has been telling stories through photography for well over a decade. His work has been featured in the New York and Los Angeles Times, and in magazines, on billboards and various other media outlets around the globe. Tafari sources his projects from psychological introspection and social commentary. He is all about synthesizing what he sees and translates that into a full range of visual expression that is both authentic and relevant.


When creating photographs, Tafari aims to capture the essence, spirit and character of a subject in a way that makes you feel something. If he’s shooting an individual, he creates captivating imagery that evokes emotion and excites the senses to amplify the moment. If he’s shooting businesses or corporations, he develops high quality content that creates value and inspires brand loyalty. No matter the subject or scenario, Tafari uses a full range of photographic and multimedia design disciplines to cultivate the images you need to wrap your vision around a story that fires the imagination and stirs the soul.

Aside from his work as a photographer, Tafari is an avid word traveler and owner of Sankofa Mind + Body, a sound meditation and yoga-centric organization based in Detroit, Michigan dedicated to healing arts and mindfulness.