This is part 3 and the final part of this series.

So here it goes...

No Ladies you are not the prize in the relationship.

The prize is the fact that two people have found each other, want to commit to each other and truly be what’s best for one another.

True love and commitment is the prize.

The thought that the Woman is the prize is problematic within itself. To say someone is the prize is also saying someone is not, that there is a winner and a loser so to speak.

This thought process has lead to many Men feeling unappreciated. Take for example Mother’s Day. All the television commercials are so loving and caring, “Every Kiss begins with K” but Father’s Day is totally the opposite, "get Dad a wrench!"

We as Men have been programmed not to show our emotions. We’re supposed to just figure it out on our own because we’re Men.

It simply doesn’t work that way. Harvard Medical School estimates that 10%-17% of Men we suffer some form of depression ranging from mild to severe.

I believe that a lot of infidelity gets started because the feeling of unappreciation. I hear it all the time from Men from all walks of life.

When you feel unappreciated the compliments of other start to take on meaning. The young lady at the coffee shop that says things like “your cologne smells really nice” starts to mean something more, you start to look forward to that feeling of being noticed and appreciated. A lot of extramarital affairs have gotten started that way.

Men need the same love and affection that Women need. We’re just not going to ask for it in the same way, but we’re going to get, even it’s from the young lady at the coffee shop.

Although I consider true love and commitment the prize ladies you are certainly “the center” of the relationship.

There is nothing like a Woman, you are glorious, your love moves mountains and your belief and and support can transform a mere mortal into a super hero. The way you anchor your family is amazing. From my Mom, Sisters and Women that have truly loved me, my life would not be what is is to today with that. Thank you for all your magic.

But please understand that when a Man says he’s ok and your magic tells you different, act on it. Use all your powers to fix him, or fix us I should say. Be our non-judgmental safe place.

That’s the prize to people that can simply open up to each other and love unconditionally, support each and happily grow old together.