No Deal: Why Diddy is in no Rush to Sell His Music

By Carita Miller
Music Supervisor & Music Editor


Bad Boy Records has seen unparalleled success in the music industry. With a star-studded roster that includes The Notorious B.I.G, Ma$e, Faith Evans, 112, Total, and The LOX, the label has sold over 400 million records globally and earned at least 38 platinum and multi-platinum singles. Puff Daddy, the label's founder, is looking to the future and exploring new opportunities with his catalog without rushing to sell it. He is taking his time to ensure he maximizes his catalog and creates the best outcomes for himself. Dr. Dre is reportedly in the process of selling a portion of his music income streams and additional assets for up to $250 million. According to Variety, the assets being sold include royalties from two of Dre’s solo albums, his share of N.W.A. royalties, producer royalties, and the writer's share of his song catalog.

According to Tarik Brooks President of Combs Enterprises, " We are in a great position to take our time and see what's best for our catalog."

Puff has always been a leader in the music business so we wouldn't aspect anything less than a calculated chess move from him. But for some artists, this is a great move and we applaud them all on their success.

Here's a list of some of the artists that have sold their catalog:
Luther Vandross 40 million
Justin Bieber 200 million
Bruce Springsteen 500 million
Justin Timberlake is believed to be 100 million
Red Hot Chilli Peppers 140 million