Negotiating A Great Auto Lease

By Lovely Day


Let’s be honest. The whole reason I started this journey into fashion vlogging, is because it allows me to feed my otherwise inexcusable shopping habit. Well... my shopping doesn’t begin and end with clothes, shoes and bags. Whether it’s fashions, home goods or even a luxury suv, I’m constantly shopping for just about everything. I get a high from the thrill of finding (or creating) a great deal and if the same is true for you, then you’re in for a treat.

In this latest video, I share my experience securing one helluva deal leasing a Mercedes GLC 300. The deal I created for myself was even better than the “specials” they’re advertising. Throughout my car shopping experience, I made a few mistakes and learned from them. I tested some theories, I found online and figured out what really works. While I know it’s very different from my usual content of dancing and prancing in my closet, there was just no way, I could go one flexing in my new Benz and not tell all of you how to negotiate a dope deal for yourselves.

This one’s a little longer than usual, but is absolutely worth it, since it could literally save you thousands or get you into a car you may have previously thought you couldn’t afford. I’ll tell you what mistakes to avoid and walk you through using a lease calculator to determine the best possible leasing scenario for the vehicle you’re interested in. Tune in and take some notes. Subscribe to the Im_Lovely_Day channel and be sure to let me know when you score a great deal on your next lease.