Motor City Minute Interview with Fashion Designer Nyna Noir

By Mikey Eckstein


I recently got to connect with fashion designer Emily Walker, aka Nyna Noir.

Nyna Noir is the creator of "The Nyna Noir Collection" consisting of custom couture garments & Swimwear which have been featured in High fashion runway shows. Emily possesses A Bachelors degree in Liberal Art Studies from Wilberforce University & A Master’s Degree in The Art of Teaching from Mary grove College. Emily has acquired many years of experience in Instruction and Education. Aside from teaching, Emily has worked with the National Basketball Association (NBA) as a seamstress for the Detroit Pistons dance team. Emily's work has been featured on Television Nationally and Internationally. Emily has also been featured in many articles including, USA Today, US Weekly, E!News, The Detroit Free Press and so much more.

Here is some of our conversation -

What is inspired you to start making clothing and what age did you start taking it serious?
I’ve always loved fashion and growing up my Dad, Uncle Melvin and Uncle Roy were so fashionable. The women in my family also has lots of swag and I ingested all of that. I loved when the women would wear heels and dresses and match their accessories. There are several people who sparked my interest in sewing, My Mom, Grandmother, Aunt Cynthia and my neighbor Mrs.Riddle. All of these women in my life were creative and inspired me throughout my childhood and adult life. I’ve Always been a creative person even when I was a child. When I was 13 I started taking college courses at College for creative studies and drew nude models. It helps learn anatomy and form. This helped sharpen my drawing skills. I started with small household items and w eventually started making clothing in High-school.

What age did you sew and design your first piece of clothing?
I started designing and selling airbrushed Jean jackets and T-shirts in High School and college. After undergrad I started constructing and sewing garments from scratch.

What designers inspired you to make clothing?
Too many to name but I love designers that make clean classic pieces. My style is timeless.


You are the Detroit Pistons dance team wardrobe designer and Seamstress how long have you been doing that and how did that come about?
A friend of mine named Brittany asked if I was interested in interviewing because the Pistons were looking for a seamstress. Next thing you know I’m sitting in meetings with my vision board, sketches and samples. There’s so much that goes into the process. The uniform has to flow with a certain theme, music and vibe. We collaborate on ideas wait for approvals and bring the vision to life.

When you are sewing and designing what music do you like to vibe with?
My playlist is a mixture of old school, hip hop, classical (because I played classical piano growing up) and contemporary. There isn’t too much music that I don’t like.

You are also a High School teacher in Ecorse Mi can you tell us a little bit about that and how long you have taught for?
I was 21 When I began teaching. Over the years I’ve taught Art, Art History, ELA, World History, Academic Intervention Reading, and now I teach Graphic Design and Fashion Design at Ecorse High School. Teaching has been a wonderful experience and I wouldn’t change it for the world. When I see my old students as adults and they are successful it makes me feel good.


What does the future look like in your eyes for Emily Walker the designer?
I would eventually love to have a brand that is a household name in the future.

Tell us a little bit about you.
What’s your favorite artist?
Salvador Dali, Picasso Vangogh and I like my own artwork as well. Lol.

What’s your favorite local restaurant?
Prime and Proper is my favorite for dinner. I also love that intimate ambiance it has.

What’s your clothings colors of choice for a Male and for a Female?
Black or White always looks great on everyone but as a woman Red always makes a statement.

Who in the fashion would would you love to collab with?
I would love to meet Dapper Dan and learn some of his sewing techniques and would also like to sharpen my skills at one of the fashion houses in France or Italy.

Have you ever designed shoes?
I have not but I would love to learn how to construct shoes from scratch. Shoe construction requires special sewing machines and lots of training. I may take a shoe construction class over the summer.

Lastly do you have a website or social media that you would like to share with us for people to contact for your services?
Yes my website is and my Instagram is @nynanoir

Last thing, one fashion tip that I have for men and women is to take an body shape assessment or quiz ( these are free online) and find out what clothing best compliments your body to give you the best looks. I’m more interested in fabric quality and the cut not the brand. Not all expensive clothing is good and not all cheap clothing is bad. If you learn fabric types you can shop anywhere. I love classic pieces because they are timeless.