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Mommie Talk encompasses three mothers, Dr. Kristina Peart, Ms. Lisa Card, and Ms. April McDaniel who have been in the field of education for over 15 years each and are Champion Parents in various stages of motherhood. They share our stories which include both the pitfalls and successes of parenting. This allows parents to relate as they explore research-based practices and provide real life situations that help mothers and fathers solve problems. These parenting tips can be used in everyday life. Their audience is engaged continually by their real, relatable conversations about parenthood.

Their goal is to get parents excited by providing available resources to develop and improve their parental skills, in route to maintaining their status of being a Champion Parent. We all could use helpful advice and have needed conversations relating to parenting. Mommie Talk provides just that - a platform to engage parents.

Dr. Kristina Peart loves being a parent and interacting with children. She loves being a mother and is passionate about helping people. She also believes that individuals should look for reasons why they can achieve, as opposed to using excuses of why you can't. Dr. Peart recognized the need for parents to have access to information on raising children effectively. Dr. Peart was inspired to provide ways parents can be positively impacted. She prayed for a vision and was directed by God to create Mommie Talk. Mommie Talk: Champion of Parenting is a platform that provides unlimited resources for parents. Dr. Peart enlisted like-minded women, Ms. Lisa and Ms. April, who are also mothers, educated, and passionate about helping others.

Ms. Lisa Card was born and raised in the city of Detroit. She attended Detroit Public Schools, decided to become a teacher in the same district and raise her children there, as well. A proud mother of 10-year young man, a beautiful 15-year-old young lady and 2 bonus daughters named Tionnna(19) & Biancca (26). Raised in a home with her mother and brother, she felt inspired to inspire other mothers. A proud graduate of Central State University of Wilberforce Ohio where she obtained a Bachelor of Science in Art education and Elementary Education. Ms. Lisa also holds a master’s degree from Madonna University in Special Education.

Ms. April D. McDaniel is a Detroit native whom holds a Bachelor of Arts in English degree from Norfolk State and a Master of Art in Education degree from University of Phoenix. She’s educated and an intellectual with a mind for advocacy and service. April continues to empower herself and is now pursuing an MBA in Marketing degree from Walsh College. A committed and courageous woman, she engages and volunteers within her community by participating in various events throughout Detroit. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, traveling, the fine arts, and spending time with her sons, Seth and Caleb.

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