Mikey's Motown Minute

By Mikey Eckstein


Recently I got a chance to catch up with DJ Godfather. Fresh off the heels of his latest release "Electro Beats for Freaks" a 44 track musical explosion, this release is loaded with warm melodies and and the energy that we've come to expect from DJ Godfather.


Here is a bit from our recent conversation:

ME:When did you get DJ’ing and making music?

DJGF: I started DJing at 15 years old and started producing at 17 years old.

ME: Who were some of your early influences?

DJGF: Model 500, 2 Live Crew, Kraftwerk, DJ Magic Mike to name a few.

ME: Has coming from the home of Techno helped your career?

DJGF: It definitely shaped it. I wouldn’t have had any of those influences if I was from a different state.

ME:Do you see Detroit continuing to play a major role in dance music going forward?

DJGF: Oh yeah. Detroit will always do it’s own thing and will appreciate whoever embraces it.

ME: Do you think COVID-19 has changed live performances forever?

DJGF: Not forever, butI think it will weed out a lot of artists and groups that are only gimmicks.

ME: What’s next for you?

DJGF: I’m wrapping up my new 45 track album now. I’m not releasing it until July cause I just released a 44 track album last month called “Electro Beats For Freaks”. People will vibe on that for a while so there is no rush to release the new project.

Follow DJ Godfather on social media @djgodfatherdetroit and check out his music on all all digital platforms