Mikey Eckstein with Comic J Will and Jackpot The Juice

By Mikey Eckstein


Here's a part of my conversation with Jackpot the Juice:

How long have you been doing comedy professionally?

JP: I have been doing comedy for 7years.

You are a rapper, comedian and actor. Do you have a bigger passion for one verses another?
JP: Acting... I want to get into acting 100% more.

What are your top 3 restaurants in the D?
JP: Bar 7, Starters and North Bar.

Who are some of the actors, rappers and actors that inspire you?
JP: Favorite actor and comedian is Comic J Will, D Ray Davis, favorite rapper Snoop Dogg.

There is a event on June 19th 2022 at Spirit Plaza downtown Detroit that you are involved with, what can people expect?
JP: Juneteenth will be historical, educational, entertaining and empowering.


Here's a part of my conversation with Comic J Will:

You did a movie with Jackpot called “Buffed Up” can you tell us about that and where to find it?
CJW: Buffed Up is a movie about the city of Detroits love for Cartier Glasses.. You can find it on Tubi, Amazon prime or Pluto.

What side of the D are you from and where did you go to High School?
CJW: Eastside of Detroit, Loyola.

You do a lot of stand up shows tell us what is the most memorable gig that you have done?
CJW: The most memorable show I have ever done is The Fox Chris Rock but my favorite shows were at Mandy’s on the eastside.

Do you have a favorite strip club in the city?
CJW: Cheetahs was my favorite when it was open.

You are a part of the Weedbar Podcast tell us the concept of the show.
CJW: The concept of the show is to bring artist and influencers on a podcast to review and educate the public about the latest products in Cannabis.