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skinnytees: Women Get Women

“Women can do anything –we are strong – we are resilient – we are tough” -Linda Schlesinger-Wagner

the beginning…
Wide awake in the middle of the night, looking for a way to make money after going through a divorce and during the mortgage crisis in 2008, Linda Schlesinger-Wagner had an idea: create a camisole that would fit every woman. It would be a little longer than other shirts, a little wider, and it had to be flattering. "It had to appeal to every woman, every age, every size," remembers Schlesinger-Wagner, who was no stranger to the fashion world. She had owned a children’s clothing store in Birmingham, MI and made knit designs for such high fashion department stores as Niemen Marcus.

Linda called her kids who were living in Los Angeles. Her son, David, an internet expert, claimed the product’s name that Linda had come up with- skinnytees and together, they launched the skinnytees website.

Linda borrowed $1000 on a friend’s credit card for the product. She began working from a home office. “I charged a little each month and paid it back each month.” She rolled over the income back into the business. Today skinnytees operates as a family affair with Linda in the 8000-square-foot facility in Birmingham and her son, David, and daughter Annie at the Los Angeles office. Annie is the head of marketing and creative while maintaining the website, social media platforms, sale campaign creation and execution, brand collaborations and blogging. David hands the digital brand development.


shop skinnytees...
skinnytees has more than 210 different products, including tops, leggings, dresses, and activewear. The skinnytees team is always coming up with new things. The clothes are one-size-fits-most. The uniqueness of skinnytees fabric is that it is not Spanx-tight, but soft-tight and therefore works for most people. If you name a style: crew neck, v-neck, round neck, off the shoulder skinnytees has it. Linda listens to her customers and what they are looking for and therefore, patterns, cardigans, vests, velvets have been added to the skinnytees products.

Schlesinger-Wagner wanted to honor the women she fiercely believes in and who believe in her to run skinnytees. SEVEN STRONG! In March, as they celebrated International Women’s Day as a company, each woman was asked what woman in history inspired them and why. Annie Schlesinger, Linda’s daughter, living in LA and running the office there as the skinnytees, Head of Marketing, Creative Content and Project Management, said her mother inspires her. “My mother, Linda, the owner and creative mind behind skinnytees has always been a driving force in the fashion industry. From her multiple retail stores, to multiple lines of clothing and design, she has always had her finger on the pulse of what women want in fashion. She is always evolving and adapting to the changes around her, be it personal or societal,” comments Annie. “She has raised me to see how a woman can be a business owner, entrepreneur, community leader and philanthropist.”

Schlesinger-Wagner loves running an all women company she says, “ Women get women. Our team is right and tight and we are a family all working towards helping all women feel confident, strong and seen.”

In early February skinnytees relaunched SKIN by skinnytees line. skinnytees is about inclusion, and diverse sizing. The SKIN line adds to offering something for every woman.

The goal is to remove the word "nude" from their color list as there is no "one" nude,” stated Linda Schlesinger – Wagner, Founder of skinnytees. “The skinnytees shades of Dark Brown, Stone, Toasted Almond, Ivory and Taupe round out the range allowing for all to find a shade that compliments their skin tone when layering, while keeping that slimming style that skinnytees is known for.” skinnytees will offer these five shades in their bestsellers- the basic cami, the basic tank and the high neck tank in both Missy and Plus sizes.

Those who know Linda’s story often say it reminds them of the movie “Joy” starring Jennifer Lawrence who portrayed single mom, Joy Mangano, the inventor of the Miracle Mop. Joy, despite enormous obstacles, created her own business empire. Linda’s story is similar. Yet, this is no movie, it's hard work! And Just as QVC played a big part in Joy’s success, so it has with Linda’s skinnytees. QVC has featured skinnytees as a “today’s special value” for 24 hours. The results led to 132,000 sets sold at $29.95. Never taken for granted and appreciated every time, skinnytees has been featured regularly on "Good Morning America," "The View," and Oprah Winfrey even once wore a skinnytees shirt on the cover of her magazine.

giving back…
Philanthropy among the pillars of skinnytees. Linda enjoys speaking and working with entrepreneurs and has no secrets to her business failures and accomplishments. She happily shares her insights wanting everyone to find their journey to success. Yet, be prepared to work hard, because Linda will educate you that hard work, honesty, and caring for your community is the road to all successful businesses long term. Linda has never forgotten those who helped her, and it is part of the mission of skinnytees to give back and give of yourself.

In October, Linda hosts the “Breast Sale Ever,” with sales for the month matched by skinnytees and given to one woman undergoing breast cancer treatment to aid her recovery process.

She donated 12,000 shirts after Hurricane Harvey hit Houston in 2017, launched leggings depicting Motown hot spots to raise money for Cass Community Social Services and sponsored Pictures of Hope by Michigan photographer Linda Solomon, who helps homeless children realize their dreams through photography, along with many other causes.

During this International Women's Day, Linda Schlesinger- Wagner also gave back and through a week long sale skinnytees earmarked monies toward the ACLU of Michigan and the national organization.

“We can do anything – we are strong – we are resilient – we are tough, as Linda Schlesinger- Wagner journeys into another year at skinnytees.



As a parent, We would do anything to protect my family and keep them safe and healthy.


What started out as an idea to help keep Seat Sitter, Founder, Gina Hoensheid's family as free from germs as possible has evolved into something greater than her wildest dreams: a company helping many families across the world to keep themselves healthier and in less contact with germs on a daily basis. Gina Hoensheid came up with the idea of Seat Sitters, long before Covid-19 simply because as her growing family traveled, someone was always getting sick. Now this entrepreneur says in the past year she has seen many “like” businesses come to the market. Hoensheid see the market expanding because families want to stay safe, but stands strongly in the belief of the quality and care of the product Seat Sitters has created. The company's stylish lifestyle and travel kits are lightweight and easy to carry and use no matter where individuals want to take them.

“At Seat Sitters we are proud to be an environmentally conscious green company.  We have gone to great lengths to create a reusable and recyclable product that reduces waste, states Hoensheid. “ Our company is not just about us; we are about doing our part to make the planet cleaner and healthier for generations to come.”

Hoensheid first launched Seat Sitters in 2018 as something you would take on an airplane. Customers can use the travel kits on a bus, airplane, in a waiting room, spa or salon, restaurants, in a movie theatre, or on an Uber ride, these are just a few uses for the Seat Sitters, Healthy Travel Kit. “Seat Sitters are designed to give the power back to the consumer to keep themselves and their space clean and healthy wherever they are going and that doesn’t always mean getting on an airplane as we once thought when we first developed the product. One of our proudest “brags” is that our customers consistently recognize us as being a small business that goes above and beyond!


More recently Seat Sitters has introduced the Healthy Lifestyle Kit. The difference between these kits is the “Nut Free” sticker in the travel kit and the gloves in the lifestyle kit. Consumers can purchase the Healthy Travel Kit or Healthy Lifestyle Kit at Bed Bath & Beyond, Walmart, Amazon, Brookstone and the Seat Sitters website at Available in adult and kid editions, Seat Sitters are lightweight seat covers that protect against allergies, and germs. Each cover is made from eco-friendly, machine-washable fabric. The kit Includes: 1 Seat Cover, 2 disposable tray table covers (with adhesive, to stay in place during flight), 2 Face Masks, 10 Pack Antibacterial Wipes, 1 0.5 fl oz Hand Sanitizer, 1 "No-Nut" Sticker.

Not only does the company work towards making travel safe for customers, but the founder,

Gina Hoensheid and the Seat Sitter Team, which is small and mighty, also gives back to multiple charities and her community. Some of the charities that the founder has contributed to include: Miracle Flights, Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, FARE, Granting Grace Foundation for Childhood Cancer, Girl Scouts, Make A Wish, The Pink Fund, The Rainbow Connection.

About Seat Sitters: On a mission to make airplane travel cleaner and healthier, entrepreneur Gina Hoensheid created the Seat Sitters kit out of a necessity for germ and illness-free airplane travel for her husband and children during vacations. The brand was featured on ABC World News Now,, The Boston Globe,, Yahoo Finance, Travel and Leisure, Womens’ World, The Detroit Free Press and MSN to name a few. This patent-pending kit was also named to the “Choice List.” Seat Sitters also prides itself on being a charitable organization. Giving back is not just a choice, it’s a mandate for the company.

Seat Sitters is located in Rochester, Michigan. Interested consumers can check out and purchase products from Seat Sitters on their website at, or even email them at or call them on (313) 744-2980 for more information, questions, or collaborations.



Lauren Aymen, DO, MS, is the Director of Headache Medicine at the Michigan Institute for Neurological Disorders in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

After graduating Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine, Lauren Aymen was driven to make a difference. She started her neurology residency through Ascension Health at St John Hospital, treating patients with complex neurological disorders. She quickly gravitated toward patients living with chronic headache and facial pain conditions as she saw an opportunity to improve their overall quality of life.

She was inspired by their strength, motivation to get better and willingness to try different treatment options. She saw several patients suffer in silence because their pain was poorly understood, treatment options seemed limited and access to care remained a barrier. She pursued fellowship training in headache medicine at the University of Michigan’s Headache and Neuropathic pain clinic.

After gaining the necessary experience, she saw a unique opportunity at the MIND clinic to develop a headache center which would improve access to care for patients while combining state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge resources all under one roof. She is now the director of headache medicine at the MIND clinic and she has never looked back.

Aymen is board certified in both adult neurology and headache medicine. She is currently the Director of the Headache and Facial Pain Clinic at the Michigan Institute for Neurological Disorders. Her practice specializes in the management of all head and facial pain conditions. To schedule an appointment with Dr Lauren Aymen, contact MIND 248-553-0010.