Meet The Man Behind the Quote of the Day

By Demetrius Carrington


A while back I noticed my friend Marti would post these really cool quotes every morning, they where funny and I always felt enlightened and defiantly motivated after viewing the posts.

I began to really look forward to the “Quote of the day” and they never let me do. At times it almost seemed like the quotes where just for me. On more than one occasion the “Quote of the Day” addressed the exact issue I was dealing with.

I became such a fan of the quotes I wanted to know more about the man behind him, so I reached to him.

His name is Justin Richards and he lives in Atlanta with his beautiful family, as it turns out Justin is an awesome person. We became fast friends and it’s been a breath of fresh air to meet someone with such a positive outlook on life.

In a recent conversation I asked him, what made you start posting quotes every day?

He replied: It started as something I would do for a friend at work and he convinced me I should share this with the world, and I’m glad I did.

BMM: How long have you been posting the quotes?

JR: It’s getting close to 300 consecutive days


BMM: How has the response been?

JR: It’s been crazy; I get messages from people all the time about how the quotes have helped them in some way.

I’m certainly glad his friend convinced him to share his quotes. And I’m not the only one, his following is growing and people love his positive message.

If you haven’t seen “The Quote of the Day” you can find him on Instagram @thequoteoftheday and you can also catch his “Quote of the Month” in Beautiful Machine Magazine.


Below are some of his recent quotes, enjoy!

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