Meet Nadia Whitney

By Antisia King


Nadia Whitney, an 11th-grade high school student at the premier Renaissance High School in Detroit, MI, says that discipline over motivation is what keeps her striving for excellence. She acknowledges that motivation is temporary, while discipline is a long-term commitment. At high school, she currently holds the position of Co-President of the Medical Club, Secretary of the French Club, a proud member of the National Honors Society, and a proud member of PEARLS, a club for young ladies who are Pristine, Empathetic, Aware, and Respectful Ladies of Service. Initially, Nadia did not agree with her mother's decision to attend Renaissance High School, but she now realizes that it was the best fit for her, as it has afforded her some of the best experiences of her life. She says that the curriculum is rigorous but exciting, and her peers are amazing.

Nadia aspires to become a surgeon, with a strong desire to give patients that final chance at life or a better quality of life. She now carries an overall GPA of 3.9, while challenging herself by taking AP and International Baccalaureate (IB) courses, which are only offered to juniors and seniors. She has earned a GPA of 4.375 for the current semester.


She has also been a part of the Wolverine Pathways (WP) program at the University of Michigan since 7th grade. WP is a year-round program that facilitates college preparation both academically and in social development. Upon successful completion of the program and being admitted to the University of Michigan Nadia will receive a full, four-year tuition scholarship.

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Nadia is committed to volunteering her time during the holidays, helping to feed the communities at Vanguard Community Development since 2019. In the past, she volunteered by preparing food boxes at Gleaners and caring for animals at the Taylor Humane Society.

Throughout the many challenges that teenagers face in today's society, there is always a silver lining. One must discover all the positive opportunities that lead to happiness and wholeness. For Nadia, it was finding a warm and inviting environment where she could feel a sense of belonging and acceptance. This feeling of freedom helped her strive to become a leader in her community. Certainly, Nadia found her true identity in a place where she was supported and accepted.


Through her belief in God and discipline and the guidance of her loving parent Nadia is destined for unprecedented success, Detroit is lucky to have her and it's going to be a pleasure watching this young lady blossom.