By Carita Miller


It seems like I’ve been in a certain groove lately. And to that I say, so what! Because some things are to good not to share and one of those thing is definitely the music of Maya Mereaux.

I recently got a chance to chat with Maya about her music and this is a bit of our conversation.


CM: When you’re writing music where does your inspiration come from?

MM: My inspiration when it comes to music stems from dancing in the living room with my mom. Hearing sounds and being able to time travel to how that actually made me feel, or how I felt in the moment. Living is my biggest inspiration for music.

CM: From your catalog of songs, do you have a favorite or one that means the most to you? Why? Tell the story behind the song.

MM: I do have a favorite, “Mamas Luna” it’s the first song on my project “SEAUXL". I wrote this song from the eyes of my mother. I believe that energy and knowing is passed through generations, this song embodies that concept.

CM: When you’re creating music, do you have a goal in what you would you like to make your listeners feel?

MM: My only hope is that they experience me and it resonates with them.

CM:At what point in your life did you realize that being a singer was the career move you really wanted to actively pursue?

MM: I was 4 when I said I wanted to be a singer, I was 15 when I said I wanted to be a creator and use that to heal, both myself and others.


CM: What’s been some of the highlights of your career thus far?

MM: The highlights in my career thus far would have to be the whole experience. Creating and watching people actually listen, not just hear and support .

CM: What’s next for you?

MM: Everything is next for me, I have no limit. The energy and intent are potent!

Check our Maya's music here: or follow her @mereauxart