MEET KhaazRa MaaRanu


Hello and welcome to this August edition of Beautiful Machine Magazine.

My name is KhaazRa MaaRanu and I’ll be bringing you insights from my many years of experience, helping every kind of brick and mortar business to just about everything online.

After COVID, the entire world became aware of just how important it is to have an online presence, even if you have a restaurant. You’d want to add curbside pickup or you were doomed. If you have a liquor store, you can deliver directly to your clients front door just as Wholefoods does today with it’s premium foods.

As the effects of COVID on business seemed to come to an end, the world is more used to shopping online than ever before.

For online businesses, there are so many facets and ways to make great income, yet a ton of ways to lose it just as quickly.

What’s important is having a strong foundation, which goes to say in just about everything, yet we are in such a fast paced society where we want it all right now, yesterday.

Just imagine that we went from having your products delivered in many days to overnight to now having your products shipped to you in a matter of hours via Amazon. Keep in mind that Amazon is not…an overnight sensation and they didn’t start out like that. They built from a strong foundation that doesn’t look like it’s going to be broken up anytime soon.

And some products such as digital real estate can be purchased and received in seconds.

The world is truly your oyster as the saying goes, yet you want to build your house upon the rock and not sand.

So, welcome to Beautiful Machine Magazine and I’ll be your columnist every month.

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