Married Ten Years and Never Had Sex


Now a lot of men will probably think that it’s crazy, how does one survive 10 years in a marriage with no sex?

Well, they do say that love conquers all and that is pretty evident in Australian couples, Michaela and James Reece’s marriage.

From the age of 14, James had decided that he would stay a virgin until he got married and had hoped that his first sexual experience would go smoothly as he will be doing it under the vow of marriage and this is considered the right thing to do.

Michaela and James say that they waited 21 months to get married and when the night finally came for them to have sex, the experience was not one that they really enjoyed.


Michaela and James have shared their story on Ground Found Me. In their post they go on to write about how they were ‘very excited for our honeymoon’, considering Mr. Reece was 25 and a virgin.

“Imagine our heartbreak when sex was excruciatingly painful – to the point of impossible – and ended up an infection,” they wrote.

“This has been our reality ever since. Three years and many specialists and misdiagnoses would pass before we would finally be given a name for this condition.”

Mrs. Reece was eventually diagnosed with a disorder called Vaginismus after suffering from several infections as a result of sexual intercourse.

It’s said that the disorder causes the vaginal muscles to involuntarily tighten.

Medical experts have said there really is no cure for this condition which affects the woman’s ability to enjoy foreplay or actively engage in any form of vaginal penetration/sexual intercourse. Even though there may be no cure, something that Michaela could try could be Yoni Eggs, as this is said to help build the pelvic floor and helps focus on the muscles that need contracting. It may be worth checking out sites likes for more information. This could be the answer that she may be looking for when it comes to finally having sexual intercourse with her partner of 10 years.

Overlooking Michaela’s disorder the couple have managed to stay devoted to each other for the past nine years and in December this year will be celebrating their 10 year anniversary.

Michaela and James have failed to find any treatment for her as it is not available in Australia. To celebrate their 10th year anniversary the couple has launched a fund raising page to collect enough money that will allow Michaela to travel to New York, where she will get the necessary treatment that will allow her to take part in and enjoy sexual intercourse.

In total the trip will cost the couple $25,000 but they hope to raise at least $15,000 through sharing their story on their fund raising page.

“It’d be lovely if this was the year that we could be together in “that way” for the first time.”

Michaela and James hope to travel to New York for two weeks of treatment in October.

As crazy as this may all sound it’s great to see that James as struck through every thing with his wife Michaela and has remained loyal to her for all these years. Gentlemen if you were ‘stuck’ in a similar situation, would you stick through with your wife or find alternative solutions outside of your marriage?

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