Mario Kelly: How His Business has Gotten Detroit Back to Work

By Laycee Horn


“My business has gotten Detroit Back to Work.” - Mario Kelly

Mario Kelly is a first class act of inspiration to the city. As the owner of Believe 313 Staffing, he keeps people in the community employed. He wants his company to help people while encouraging faith and believing. Kelly’s journey to the top was not easy, however, he recognizes God’s helping hand throughout his journey. Now, he is extending his hand to assist people on their journey to financial stability.

Believe 313 Staffing is a minority owned staffing company that specializes in general labor catering to the clients need. Since the founding in 2017, the staffing company has helped thousands of people in Detroit find employment. Kelly does offer fair wages starting at 15 dollars per hour and 18 dollars per hour for supervising positions. Believe 313 has contracted short term workers for many businesses in Detroit including Henry Ford, Fox Theater, DTE Music Theater and other businesses in downtown Detroit.

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Unlike most businesses, the pandemic helped grow the company getting Detroit back to work. According to Kelly, in December 2021, the company contracted 750+ workers in a six month period. Kelly takes pride in 15 percent of Believe 313 workers being returned and exonerated citizens, some of whom have spent multiple decades in prison. Believe 313 has become a resource to the area making his business extremely successful.

The name, Believe 313 Staffing was created to be symbolic and send a message. He wants people to believe in the city while continuing to manifest your dreams by working. Growing up in the Booster Project Area on Canfield near I-75, he seen a lot of crime including drugs and murder. It was the owner of Wolverine Packing Co., a temporary work company, that encouraged Kelly to start a staffing business after helping him recruit 100 workers. Now, he hopes to be a living example of success and demonstrate how to pour back into your neighborhood.


As a father, he is molding both his son's to be business minded and hard workers. His oldest son, Mario Kelly Jr., is 17 and Malcolm Kelly is 11. Kelly Jr recently earned his first contract with Ford Motors through his father’s staffing company. Malcolm has aspirations to design technology and has potential to be the brain behind an operation. Kelly supports his children’s dreams and teaches them to believe they can do anything they set their minds to.

In the next five years, Kelly hopes that Believe 313 Staffing is worth 10 million dollars. He wants to see the company become a franchise across state lines. He also hopes to see Fortune 500 companies extending smaller businesses more opportunities.

If you are interested in working with Believe 313 Staffing you will find his contact information below. We wish Mario the best as he continues to fulfill his calling to help people by keeping the city working and paid!