Making An Impact: Shaquin Thomas on What It Means To Be A Community Leader


Community leaders have profoundly impacted their neighbors, city, and beyond through their influential and selfless work, giving back to others in various ways. The Owner of Soul To Table Catering, Shaquin Thomas, has been a true example of what it means to care about the residents of her community.

We would like to commend your advocacy work for the Indian Creek In Locust Grove residents that were in need and without power after a big storm. What went into this experience and the impact you made on them?
Shaquin: Thank you so much for your kind words! A few things went into this experience, but empathy was my primary emotion. Many don’t know the difference between empathy and sympathy. Sympathy is more of a feeling of pity and feeling sorry. Empathy is the ability to understand and relate to what others are experiencing. I also experienced storm damage to my home, property, and vehicles, and I was without power for an extensive period and was forced to throw away food. Because of this, I was compelled to help others in need.

In addition to being a business owner and author, you’re known for selflessly serving your community and being a leader! What does your community mean to you?
Shaquin: I love my community, and realistically speaking, we never know what life-altering situations can change our lives in the blink of an eye. Everyone needs somebody at some point in life. We were placed here to serve and do life together. I’d like to see the good manifested around the world.


What other community projects have you done and have in the works?
Shaquin: I’ve served homeless and less fortunate people. I’ve hosted several coat and clothing drives to help the needy and more. When there is a need in the community, most people reach out to me to see how I can help or connect them with resources, and I’m blessed to be able to help as much as possible.

What more would you like for your community, and what are the first steps or best practices to make that happen?
Shaquin: The homelessness crisis has become more profound, and I would love to be on board with planning and perhaps building a shelter and Soup kitchen. I would love to cook and provide meals.


Do you have any calls to action you have at this time?
Shaquin: Everyone has different talents and comes from various financial backgrounds. If you feel compelled to help, please do it in whatever way is most comfortable for you. If you are financially able, purchase or send money to reputable sources. If you are physically able, ask how you can serve using your hands and skill set.

Please leave our readers with a final positive thought to uplift them in our current climate.
Shaquin: The world needs light. A simple smile goes a long way if you don’t have anything to give. We never know what battles others face, and kindness is one of the greatest gifts.

More on Shaquin Thomas:
Soul To Table Catering founder Shaquin Thomas tries to make a difference in the world daily by being kind to others, constantly giving back, and volunteering her time and services for great causes. Often she prepares food and personally serves first responders, police officers, veterans, and others in need. Additionally, she cleans her closet sporadically and gives her clothes and shoes to battered women and kids in dire need.

Keep up to date by visiting her website and connecting on Instagram @soultotablecatering