Love Horoscope 2020 – What to Expect in Your Love Life


How is your love life going to be in 2020? The predictions for all zodiac signs are ready to be revealed and love cannot be left aside.

Find out what to expect in terms of love this 2020! A new year, a new beginning, get ready to change all the bad things that made you feel uncomfortable in the past, only then you can discover new paths to fulfill your destiny.


This year is not going to bring many changes in your love life. However, before you start a new relationship or you decide to strengthen your current one, it is best to take some time and think about what you want in life. Until the beginning of March, you will find yourself in a introspective mood, asking questions and searching for answers.


From March until June, you are going to experiment new things, discover who you are and who you have on your side. In any case, starting from June, the emotional evaluation process will start all over again.

Your sexuality will be much improved this year, you will feel more attractive and your sex-appeal will be incredible. But this doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to find your one true love. What it means is that you’ll have plenty of opportunities to meet new people and perhaps one of them is the right one for you.


Right from the beginning of the year, your relationship and your emotional state will go through some changes. These changes are not necessarily negative – you might be moving in with your partner, or something between the two of you will take a better or worse turn.


Your desire to start a family, to live in your own house, with a man with whom you can share every aspect of your life will increase this year. For the Taurus women, November is going to be a crucial month – a huge change in your love life… something major is going to happen in your relationship, and if you are not yet involved into one, maybe this is the moment when you will meet the love of your life.


This might not be the best year for you in love matters. You need a lot more affection and passion than what you are getting and being insistent about it is only going to create more issues in your relationship.


The first half of the year will be full of passion, but also of ups and downs. Until August your love life is going to feel like a roller coaster. Keep calm! By the end of August, everything will pass and you’ll be going back to your normal love life. Towards the end of the year you will only have one idea on your mind: to start a family and to have a home, a “nest” of love.


If you are not married yet, you will want to formalize your relationship. You no longer want to be a “hummingbird” woman; you want to have a partner, someone to accompany you every single day. As the months pass by, this desire will grow stronger and stronger. Maybe this could be your special year when you finally find love.


Halfway through the year, love will put you to the test and you will also put love to the test. Only those who manage to overcome these obstacles, whether you are single or in a relationship, can strengthen the path of love and make their relationships almost invincible.


If you’re in love, you’ll have to put yourself to the test. It is time to grow up emotionally, your feelings can be strengthened or weakened, but everything is up to you. Until March, you will be put through a constant test and if you stay strong and not let yourself go weak, you will be able to achieve everything you want.


From August onwards you will have the opportunity to strengthen and create the base for a strong, long term relationship. November will be a month of material changes: you and your partner are going to relocate or buy a new car.


The new year brings clarity in thoughts, which enables you to make important decisions. It’s time to cheer up and take a leap of faith by getting involved into a new relationship. A year full of love, only if you dare to take the first steps.


You are going to have a beneficial year, especially starting from August. Love will come knocking on your door and if you are already into a relationship, everything will improve and your love life is going to be just PERFECT.


2020 will be a year of internal changes, which can influence your love life. The economic problems that may appear in August might take you for a spin, causing an emotional crisis.

The financial issues can lead to an increased need of having some time for yourself, to analyze the things you want and don’t want… and to think about what you want to accomplish in every sphere of your life from now on.



The beginning of the year will bring a new path in love. If you are already into a relationship, perhaps you’ll create a new path together with your partner. If you are single, perhaps you’ll create a path along with someone you’ve just met.


Little by little you will forge a great love story. And by August you will be able to make every dream you’ve ever had since childhood come true.


Decisive, motivated, inspired: this is how the beginning of the year will look like for your love life. You want to be happy, to meet the LOVE OF YOUR LIFE, or to formalize your current relationship. The aspiration of obtaining what you want can play a trick on you, but sooner or later you will be victorious: love conquers all.


Wait until November, your love life will have a BOOM so incredible that you will never forget it.


Maybe in 2020 you are more inflexible than usual. However, over the months, your heart will “soften”.


In August you will have a more philosophical and pacifist perspective regarding love and you will open yourself to new possibilities, leaving aside the shell that you created around yourself at the beginning of the year.


Changes and more changes: this is how 2020 is going to look like in love matters. Your partner will fade away in the background, which will make your relationship unstable.


Your social, professional and financial life will not allow you to enjoy love. Try to relax and give yourself more time for romance, so you can have a stable year in terms of love and relationships.


You are going to face some tumultuous times, but you must not let your dreams and your optimism vanish. Such times can test your character, but with some effort you can get back to normal.

After November you can start a new relationship, or make new plans with your partner. After such a troubled period, you will enjoy the last months of the year and you will live them with a lot of passion.


What to expect next year? If you believe, if you dream, if you love … you can achieve everything!

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