Long Lived the King

By Demetrius Carrington

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When the news broke that Chadwick Boseman had passed away my first thought was the King is dead. For me when I saw him in Wakanda, he was my royal leader.

You see, I have been studying Mother Africa for years. I know that Africans have invented many things that they do not get credit for. We were led to believe that Africans were some barbaric species that lived in the jungle swinging from tree to tree, while in fact, African society was built on some very sophisticated principles.

In the movie, Wakanda, Women also played a key role, and that is true for Africa. Women in some cases made the major decisions for the tribe, not because the men were weak but because of the respect the Tribesmen had for the Woman. As in the movie, Africa has Royal families that operated under law and order and lived peacefully together.

Wakanda had vibranium, Africa has gold and diamonds and many other precious metals. In Wakanda they used technology, in Africa they cured sickness and disease with herbs and minerals.

Africans have always had spiritual connections; the Ancestors have always played a major role in African Civilization having many rituals and practices that connect them to a higher being.

Wakanda is real to me; knowing that black people are responsible for so much beauty in this world is what keeps me motivated. I often dream about what Africa would be if the Colonizers would have stayed away. If Africa were free to manifest her destiny without the bloodshed, theft and the chaos and disorder that the outsiders caused, I have no doubt she would be even more amazing.

So, when the King died, I was hurt, who’s going to lead our mighty nation now? We need a strong leader but whom?
I’m also saddened for the lost of Mr. Boseman, he was a wonderful actor who made my belief in Africa even more real, I’m sure he has made the Ancestors proud.

I urge you to learn about Africa, and understand it more. As you do, you will realize that it wasn’t just a movie and you’ll understand why I’m sad that the King has died.

Below are some inventions by Africans that you may not have known about.


Did you Know that Mathematics Were Invented (or Discovered) in Africa?
By Joseph Kamanda Kimona-Mbinga


This beautiful and inspiring list of equations begins with Pythagoras… That’s fine… However Pythagoras had teachers; and before his teachers there were many others who helped to build the knowledge he inherited… It was in Africa Pythagoras learned mathematics…

Ishango Bone Maths

All of equations and algorithms from mathematics use basic mathematical operations that were invented in Ishango at the heart of Africa in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, dozens of thousand years ago before the building of the first pyramid in Egypt… You cannot build the present and future in ignoring the past…

temp-post-imageSource: Damian Gordon, History of Computer: Part 1. Ancient Computers. https://www.slideshare.net/mobile/DamianGordon1/historyof-computers-ancient

Knowing that the invention of computer and coding was possible because of the knowledge that was discovered and developed in Africa before being adopted in Europe won’t change anything…. But it is worth to be reminded…
The building of Pyramids was possible by applying physics, geometry and chemistry laws… Medicine was already practiced by applying biology and microbiology principles in Egypt… Henri Bergson conception of knowledge is very interesting… He thinks that the difference between knowledge from science and that one from magic is about the methodology used for getting the same knowledge…

Ancient Egyptians were mastering the foundation of the modern science as part of their religions… Architecture, mathematics, geometry, astronomy, physics, chemistry, biology, microbiology, etc were all parts of priests’ practices and activities…

The biggest contribution of ancien Greece beginning with Aristotle was to separate the same science they learnt from Egypt from the practice of religions in making it an independent and secular activity of human intelligence… It is Aristotle who systematically defined for the first time different domaines or branches of science according to their objects…

The Bamana Code and its different variants throughout Africa are the base of the invention of digital mathematics used for the binary coding of computers. Ron Eglash has published an interesting paper on Bamana Sand Divination maths.

Of course, it is worth of reminding today that mathematics were invented in the middle of the jungle of Africa dozens of milleniums of years before the first pyramid was built in Egypt…


Those who developed mathematics, physics, chemistry and other sciences that were used to build pyramids and teach Pythagoras and others in Egypt were not different of those who invented the same knowledge in the middle of the jungle of Africa…

When you are enjoying the benefits of progress of modern sciences and technologies; never forget where the base of the knowledge that was used to develop them comes from…

It is time to end the dehumanizing process of Africans that has been set up for the last 4 centuries in washing brains and memories of masses with sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity…

Human Consciousness has taken millions of years to be built… 4 centuries have been enough to erase it in distilling sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity… The bigotry from racial hate is the outcome of greed, which has dehumanized us in making us slaves without any «Civilization»…

It is the same greed that is still nowadays spreading mass killings and mass rapes for pillaging minerals in the Congo… Only people wrongly perceived without any civilization can be exterminated like that according to bigotry…

Yet factual evidence shows that those people have produced the knowledge that was developed later globally with modern sciences and technologies…

Almost all books will tell you that geometry and mathematics were invented by Ancient Greeks. Few mention the fact that all of Ancient Greek philosophers and mathematicians were students in Egypt. Thales for exemple even admitted that he developed his theories in Egypt…

Some idiots spread lies today in saying that Ancient Egyptians couldn’t build pyramids given that they weren’t capable of mastering advanced mathematics that could help them to achieve such works…

There is today evidence that shows that Ancient Egyptians mastered advanced mathematics that lead to the building of pyramids: the Rhind Mathematical Papyrus in the British Museum in London, UK 🇬🇧 and the Golenishchev Mathematical Papyrus in Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts in Moscow, Russia 🇷🇺. These 2 papyri are just few demonstrations of the vast lost knowledge of the Ancient Egypt. If Julius Caesar didn’t burn the Alexandria Library, maybe the ignorance about our Ancestors mastering of science wouldn’t have fueled racism like it has done for the last 4 centuries!


Euclid of Alexandria is known as the Founder of geometry! Yet Euclid didn’t found anything… He was a collector of existing knowledge in Egypt to be codified in the Library of Alexandria as many other famous Greek pundits at that time were doing. Geometry developed by Black people built pyramids many milleniums before the birth of Euclid. Pythagoras, Aristotle, Euclid and all other Greeks you know as the founders of science were just students at the school of our ancestors…

Our ancestors developed science and mathematics as part of their religious practices. Ancient Greeks, especially Aristotle, systematized the knowledge they learnt from Ancient Egypt in secular and academic disciplines as they are developed today…

It is time that schools and universities teach truth to children about the origin and evolution of our common and shared civilization to end the spread of ignorance and prejudices against Africans and their real contribution to our common humanity…

By dehumanizing Africans, the World has lost a large part of its roots and soul… For exemple our Ancestors had very advanced knowledge about the Universe, galaxies and even Black Matter and Black Energy… Given how our traditions have been destroyed, such knowledge is vanishing… It has been destroyed for the last 2 millenniums. The 3 last milestones of such destruction have been the burning of Alexandria Library under Julius Caesar, the triangular slavery trade 400 years ego and the colonization of Africa from the end of the 19th century to the middle of the 20th century… These 3 milestones are the epicentre of ignorance and racist prejudices against Black Africans…

Ancient Greeks were very smart people who valued the legacy they got from Africa. The reason why Alexander the Great instructed Aristotle to make sure that such legacy be preserved. It is not a random fact that Ptolemy built the Library to collect the Ancient knowledge from Egypt and allow Ancient Greece to acquire it.

Ancient Rome at its roots was developed primarily as a mob city out of Etruscan cities built in relation with Ancient Egyptian colonies in the Mediterranean Sea, which our ancestors called at that time the Greek Sea. Ancient Rome didn’t change its major feature of a mob and barbaric State-city even when it became an empire… The burning of the Library of Alexandria by Caesar and the way Octavian treated Egypt were not a surprise!

It is a cruel irony that our today world more shaped by the Roman legacy has still its DNA and spirit: a mobster and barbaric pulse owning and destroying everything its acquire often by violence, greed and cupidity! No surprise that Machiavel is the inspiration of leadership! (Un)fortunately Machiavellian Empires have never resisted the test of time beyond few decades and centuries like the Roman Empire itself that mostly inspired Machiavelli…

No multi millenium civilization from Ancient Egypt to Ancient China has been founded on Machiavellian principles and the Roman mobster and self-destructive pulse! What Ancient Egypt and Ancient China have in common is the Principle of Permanent Quest of Equilibriums and Harmony at the center of societal construction that finds its place in the Universe. Maybe it is time that we restore such perspective to make sustainable the future of the mankind civilization…

Our ancestors did better than bringing mathematics and the foundation of science to the human civilization; they made from scratches the foundational and structural basics of the human civilization as we know it today in every culture and society across the world.

The contribution of our ancestors to the human civilization is the corner stone of what defines the universality of our common humanity. They travelled and crossed oceans or seas in almost every and each continent where they met different cultures and shaped the foundation of the emergence of those cultures from Ancient China 🇨🇳, India 🇮🇳, Australia 🇦🇺 to Ancient Americas. The Ancient Greece was the direct derivative of our ancestors’ culture. Even Ancient Perse and other ancient civilizations in the Middle East such as the Babylonian state-cities rose from the relics of the empire of our ancestors. After our ancestors, all tribes across the planet that became powerful states and empires shaped themselves by getting their inspiration from the framework our ancestors built as the foundation of the human civilization: the organization of the human society in a central state with a legal and institutional system; a national economy trading with its neighbours; the organization of science, religion and philosophy; the promotion of arts as part of elevation of the culture, etc. If you live today the way you live; never forget that the first human beings on this planet who invented this way of living are our ancestors…

It is a great step: finally the world is more and more aware about the needed recognition of our ancestors’ contribution as the foundational basis of our common civilization, which has been shaped after them, over time and space, by every and each human culture or group as our universal commonwealth. This awareness about the contribution from our ancestors to the human civilization is the beginning of the end of ignorance that fuels hatred, racism and bigotry among humans. We are all part of the same humankind species sharing the same common heritage although our differences…

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10 African Inventions That Changed The World

For the most part, our history textbooks here in the States love to portray Africa as an uncivilized continent. In schools, we learn about the Enlightenment, the Scientific Revolution, the Industrial revolution, and countless other ‘revolutions’ that all have one thing in common: they originated in Europe. Growing up and constantly hearing of European accomplishments and learning about history from a Eurocentric perspective, it’s not hard to see why there are still people who seem to think that everything great derived from Europe. Spoiler Alert: African history existed before slavery despite what textbook publishers want you to believe. Here are ten inventions that originated from Africa and have changed the entire course of human history.

1. Math
Contrary to popular belief, civilizations existed before Europeans ‘discovered’ them *gasp*. Ancient black Egyptians created the earliest numeric system on record, and they were also the first civilization to create and solve arithmetic equations.

2. Art
No, neanderthals were not the first species to create art. In fact, the oldest known artwork in human history was discovered in Blombos Cave in South Africa. It consisted of two pieces of engraved ochre depicting abstract designs and symbols.

3. Writing


According to Dr. Clyde Winters in his book The Ancient Black Civilizations of Asia, the oldest known form of writing developed between 5000 and 3000 B.C. in sub-Saharan Africa. This writing system has come to be known as Proto-Saharan.

4. Language


Yup, our stone-age ancestors in sub-saharan Africa were the first human species to develop a language system. A recent scientific study found that every language in the world can be traced to the dialect spoken by our African ancestors over 100,000 years ago.

5. Medicine
Although all civilizations had discovered how to use some form of medicine, ancient black Egyptians invented a concrete system of medicine that involved schooling for practitioners and written documentation of the methods of healing used. And let’s not forget that ancient Egyptians were also the first civilization to perform surgery.

6. Mining and Metallurgy


The industrial ‘revolution’ would have never happened had it not been for Africans smelting iron over 2,500 years ago. Ancient Tanzanians had been producing carbon steel long before Britain industrialized metallurgy.

7. Architecture
Despite the disturbing movement to prove that aliens were in fact behind the architecture of Egypt’s great pyramids (is it really that hard to believe that black people can create architectural masterpieces??), some of the world’s greatest and oldest architectural masterpieces are in Africa. The Pyramids of Giza, the Step Pyramid, the city of Great ZImbabwe, the Nubian Pyramids- all of these iconic sites are proof of the highly advanced system of architecture and engineering that ancient Africans developed.

8. Phones


If you own a phone, chances are that it is made out of minerals deriving from Africa- specifically the Democratic Republic of Congo. Cobalt is a mineral found in DRC that is used to make rechargeable batteries. The DRC is one of the richest countries in the world in regards to natural resources, and everything from copper and cobalt to diamonds and tin are found there.

9. The Calendar
Ancient Egyptians invented the earliest calendar system over 5,000 years ago. And the way that we divide our days into hours and then minutes? That is also because of Egyptians.

10. Cooking
This one’s pretty obvious considering how many flavorful and seasoned dishes come from the motherland. Ash that was found in a South African cave has led archaeologists to conclude that our ancestors were cooking with fire one million years ago.

Originally Published: https://afrogistmedia.com/10-african-inventions-that-changed-the-world