By Antisia King


In today’s society, men think they’re the prize in the relationship; well, news flash, you’re not.

Here’s why; I know you think because there are more women than men that somehow qualifies you as the prize, but the truth is women make the world go round.

I recently had a conversation with some friends about dating and why they feel they are the prize in the relationship.

“I most definitely feel like I’m the prize in my relationship," says Alisha, "but so is my partner. I think we should equally bring something to the table, and respect what each of us brings. I don’t want either one of us to feel like we’re settling. But on top of everything else I’ll cook, clean and make sure my man’s physical needs are met. Someday I’ll have children and my job will be to nurture and care for them while still being a good wife, a working professional, and taking care of myself also.

“But let’s be clear, I have a wonderful husband he is the yin to my yang. His love and support are the reason I’m able to happily do whatever is best for him and our family because he does the same for me because we love each other. But still with all things considered I’m the grand prize.”


John said, “women make everything better. As a child, I remember when I didn’t feel well, my mom would touch my forehead to see if I felt hot and I instantly started to feel better. I believe that a good woman is priceless. I had two great parents, my dad was strong and led our family with love and respect but it always came down to, ‘ask your mother’.

“Even in the relationship I'm in now, my woman is definitely the prize. She makes me feel like I can do anything. Her love and support gives me strength I can’t even describe. I’m lucky to have her; yes, there are more women than men but finding the one that will truly love you and bring out the best in you is the real prize. I’m lucky enough to have that. I love her, honor her and will do anything to make sure she’s just as happy as she makes me.”

I strongly agree with both of them. I feel that by design we are both invaluable to each other.

God made men the leader and protector of his family. A man will protect his family with his life. He considers them his prized possession, they become the center of his universe, he happily provides and leads with love, and will do anything to make sure his family is safe and sound.

On the other hand, the woman is soft and gentle, delicate as a flower yet strong and nurturing. We are naturally the givers in the relationship. God has trusted us to carry a life and bring it into the world.

Even though we both bring equal value, the jewel is and always will be the woman.


There’s nothing like a woman's heart; that coupled with all the intangibles we bring to the table makes the woman the prize in my opinion.

Like the great James Brown said, “It’s a man’s world but it wouldn’t be nothing without a woman’s touch.”