Jealous or Justified January 2021


“Jealous or Justified is a monthly segment where we ask our readers to analyze the situation of someone who has asked for our help to see if the person is being Jealous or are they Justified in feeling the way they feel.

Please keep in mind that the term “Jealous” can mean many things in the context of this segment.It doesn’t and won’t always mean jealous in its true meaning. Perhaps the person is just in their feeling a bit too much.

Adapted by Antisia King
Sent in by John from Florida

I have been married for almost 10 years and have a wonderful 8 year old daughter.

After high school I went directly into my family’s construction business and I have done very well for me and my family.

We live in a great neighborhood, my daughter attends a very highly ranked private school and my wife has just about everything she’s ever wanted.

Unlike me, my Wife went to college and is now a Doctor of Pharmacy and doing very well.

Although, she makes great money, I pay all of our bills including our car payments. I’m happy to do it because there’s no greater feeling for me than the happiness I feel when taking care of my family.

2020 started off with so much excitement for my company. We purchased 12 Acres of lakefront property and had started to break ground on 24 luxury homes, and then COVID shocked the world.

The timing couldn’t have been worse. I had put most of my available cash in this project and my other cash was tired up in my family’s long term financial security.

I have no doubt I’ve done the right thing, we had already pre-sold eight units before we even started the project.

With the remaining money I have on hand, I must pay the bank loan, and property taxes and keep the company going.

I applied for the government loans only to be told the money had run out.

Like I mentioned earlier, I have done very well to this point in my career so I really didn’t need that much financial assistance to get me through this situation.

I decided to do something that I have never done before. I asked my wife for her financial support until we could get through the pandemic.

I couldn’t believe her reaction. She spoke to me as if I was the biggest loser she’d ever met. She questioned every business move that I’ve ever made, which I found so insulting that I couldn’t hardly speak. Keep in mind we live in $1 million home, she drives $100,000 car and my daughters tuition is $6000 a month. I’ve paid it all on time without fail.

So after listening to her rant about money, she reluctantly agreed to help me.

The next day I received an email from her, it was a loan agreement for $50,000. I almost had a heart attack reading it. I have taken care of this woman’s every need and provided her with everything she’s ever wanted and now because of the pandemic (and only because of the pandemic) I’m having a small financial crunch.

I didn’t want to take her money. In fact, I am strongly considering ending our marriage over the way she has handled this. I feel like I don’t really know her and that she only cares about herself.

As luck would have it, I got a call from the bank announcing that there’s more money available and they offered me a government backed loan for much more than I needed. And, get this, if I use the money for my employees and business, I won’t even have to pay it back. God is great!

When I told her this her reply was "good, because I really didn’t want to tie my money up anyway." I couldn’t believe it.

At this moment I feel no love for her, I feel like I want us to go my separate ways. I want to find a woman that is as dedicated to me as I would be to her. But what would this do to my daughter, I need your help.

Should I stay for my daughter, or should I get away from this selfish woman?

Please vote and help me out.

Thank you.

Jealous or Justified