Jealous or Justified April


We weren't even together and I still feel like I got dumped.

I have this woman that I’m simply infatuated with. But she’s in a situation. We started things off casually as friends and then it kind of progressed from there. We started spending time together, talking all of the time, and we started going on dates. She quickly became one of my best friends.

When we first started hanging out we were fresh out of relationships and it was part of the bond we had, but now it’s hindering us. The guy she broke up with is insanely jealous that she isn’t breaking his door down to be with him. I’ve dealt with jealous exes of my own before so it wasn’t too much of a big deal to me, but she has a child involved.

The ex is very well off and helps pay for child care and his family is the only support that she has for her. She’s afraid that he’ll cut everything off and she’ll be left with no help for her daughter.

We had a talk and she said that we’d have to stop our romantic relationship and it was best that we just stayed friends. She promised that we’d remain close and made me do the same. She said that it was best she “play her role” with her ex for the sake of the baby.

Since our talk we barely communicate and we haven’t seen each other at all.

After about two months she hits me up to hang out and for a while everything felt just like old times. We were chilling, watching sports, shooting the shit and before I knew it, she was in my lap kissing me like I was a King. But something in the way she reluctantly broke our kiss, felt like she was saying good bye forever. She hugged me much tighter than usual when she left and sure enough, I haven’t seen or heard from her in over a month.

I’d do anything for this woman and her daughter. She doesn’t have to stay with this guy who just wants to control her.

I understand that her daughter is the only family she has and I’d NEVER ask her to choose me over her child. Don’t get me wrong, I truly care about this woman and I think the world of her, but I know it’s also my pride being damaged because another man won the woman I love. Help me to feel like I’m not going crazy. Am I Jealous or Justified?

Jealous Or Justified?