It's time for Black People to Cancel Kevin Adell



It’s Time for Black People to Cancel Kevin Adell! (Period)

How many slaps in the face can one take? Over the years the Black community has been insulted and disrespected by Kevin Adell, owner of 910am Radio Station and the Word Network over and over again.

In his latest round of malarkey, it seems that he offered Former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick an opportunity to have his own show on his networks and Mr. Kilpatrick didn’t respond.

According to an article in the Detroit News, it seems that he’s banned his on air personalities and even guests from mentioning the name Kwame Kilpatrick. The article also has him quoted as saying, “No one’s going to breathe your name” only to come back a few days later with some bullshit saying it’s now okay to say his name.

I’m an ex-employee of 910 and I’ve seen first-hand how he treats people. He’s arrogant, a weak leader, a total liar, and in my opinion, does not respect Black People or Black Culture at all.

How many passes are we going to give this fucking idiot? I’ve heard him say, and I quote, “Attention is like crack and I’m the crack dealer” while referring to not paying his on air talent. This is the same asshole that disrespected prominent Black Pastors a few years ago, and we gave him a pass for that.

He intimidates, often pitting employees against each other; he once tried to force me to tell on a co-worker by threatening my job. The environment was so toxic that it was difficult to focus on my work because I was always concerned about being fired for little to no reason at all. Once he was done with you he’d hide behind his Black Female Station Manager to deliver the bad news. You could see the stress on her face; she was a good person, unlike Mr. Adell.

I couldn’t find one person to say something nice about Mr. Adell besides he has nice cars. He’s not even well respected in the Jewish Community. I once heard a very loved and respected member of the Jewish community say, and I quote, “I’m shocked someone hasn’t really hurt this Guy, he’s a piece of shit; this guy sued his sister over money.”

He’s also very insecure; the first thing he does when guests he deems important people visit the station is pressure them into checking out his car collection and gives them a miniature water tower with the name Adell on it. I’ve thrown away so many of those things I can’t even count them.

Let it be clear, I don’t wish physical harm on him or anyone for that matter; I only wish freedom for my people. Mr. Adell makes a lot of money off of the struggle of Black People, yet he’s part of the problem. It’s time for us to stop tolerating unfair treatment from any company that doesn’t respect us, and Mr. Adell does not respect Black People at all.

It’s 2021 and we can’t take any steps backwards. Allowing this idiot to continue to disrespect our community like this is disregarding all of the sacrifices from the Civil Rights Movement, as well as the protests for racial equality going on today.

Let me answer this: why didn’t I put my name on the article? Because Mr. Adell is a rich asshole that would send his Attorneys to destroy a little guy like me just because he can, and I’m simply telling the truth. However, I challenge anyone to find one lie in this article. In fact, I’ve enclosed links to other articles that will give you further insight on just how big of a piece of shit Mr. Adell really is.

I’ve cancelled him. I’ve seen enough to realize he’s not making mistakes; this is who he is. We will never get the respect we deserve if we keep allowing this type of treatment.

Mr. Adell, leave my people alone!