It Felt Real, (Tales Of My Quarantine Love Affair)

By Demetrius Carrington

Photo by Dawn Hamilton

Being quarantined was one of the scariest things in my life, the unknown was the worst for me and the news just kept getting worst.

I found myself watching the news almost 8 hours a day. It was overwhelming and after watching everything NETFLIX had to offer the only thing left to help me keep my sanity was social media, and thank God for it.

I looked forward to DJ D Nice’s nightly music mixes, those things really helped in that extraordinary time.

But something else very special also happened, people were willing to communicate in ways they normally wouldn’t.

If you DM’ed or Inboxed someone they actually responded. Perhaps like me they needed that human connection.

I can’t remember how it started, if I reached out or if she did but I had a very meaningful relationship with a woman during that difficult time. We’ll call her “Jane.”

First thing, Jane was strikingly beautiful so she had my attention right away. Our conversation wasn’t really your average “let’s hook up” kind of thing because we couldn’t hook up, obviously.

These conversations were honest and deep. We discussed our past and present situations. We talked about what that difficult time was teaching us. It was truly beautiful to have an honest conversation with someone. COVID made us vulnerable and allowed us to share our raw emotions with each other.

The conversation was not without a bit of flirtatious moments either. They were cute and not over the top.

Ironically, we never really spoke about meeting up after COVID was over. Our time was about the here and now.

We spoke everyday for about a month, it got me through some very rough days. We had a real connection, it was like talking to an old friend and it was truly beautiful.

And just as it came, it went. One day I didn’t call her and she didn’t call me. I suppose we had gotten everything we we’re supposed to get from each other.

I think me and Jane will always be connected, recently she called just to say hello and it was perfect timing, I really needed to hear a warm voice.

Jane and I did meet once by chance, she walked up to me and smiled. We hugged and she whispered in my ear, “Thank you, you really helped me." She help me too.

Jane and I experienced “love” in one of its many forms. It was exactly that we both needed and I’m blessed that it happened.

It was kind, gentle, meaningful and it felt real.

Thank you Jane!