In the entertainment world, there has been a lot of recent talk about Lori Harvey and her personal affairs. For those of you who don’t know, Lori is the 24-year-old step-daughter of the famous television presenter, Steve Harvey. Steve adopted Lori and her siblings after marrying her mother, Marjorie Harvey. Lori is an up and coming model and was featured in her first runway show for Dolce and Gabanna in 2017. She has walked in multiple shows for the brand since that time.

Lori is currently dating the “Sexiest Man Alive”, Michael B. Jordan. After months of speculation, the two have finally confirmed their relationship status to the public. The pair have been doting on each other in the public eye and appear to be happy together. However, Lori has been catching a lot of steam for her past affairs with other well-known figures in the entertainment industry. Here is a breakdown of Lori’s dating history.

In 2016, Lori and Dutch football player, Memphis Depay began dating and were engaged by June 2017. Towards the end of 2018, Lori and R&B singer Trey Songz started getting close and were spotted out in public together on several occasions. The couple also made references to each other on social media and appeared to be quite close at Lori’s 22nd birthday celebration. After her split from Trey Songz, Lori was spotted making out with race car driver, Lewis Hamilton in early 2019. Neither of the two ever confirmed the make out rumors or having any type of romantic relationship. In July of 2019, rumors of Lori being in a relationship with music producer Sean “Diddy” Combs began to circulate following the two being spotted together on several occasions. After this alleged love affair was broadcasted, a rumor indicating that Lori had started dating Diddy after dating his son, Justin Combs, began to surface. When Justin was asked about his father’s relationship with Lori during a red carpet appearance, he replied “They are good…They’re just being…Private time…That’s up to them.” To date, neither Lori nor Diddy have ever confirmed being in a romantic relationship.

Rumors of Lori and rapper, Future, began to kick off at the end of 2019. The two actually declared their romance after celebrating the New Year together. After the two stopped following each other on social media by the end of that following summer, it was evident that they had split up. In November of 2020, the public began to catch sightings of Lori and actor, Michael B. Jordan, taking trips together. Both Lori and Michael confirmed their romantic relationship in January 2021 by posting pictures on social media together. The two also made their Valentines Day plans together known to the public.
I am aware that it is impossible to keep your romantic relationships/flings private when you are a public figure. However, I am not on board with condemning another person for what they choose to do in their personal life. I can’t help but to notice all of the backlash that Lori is currently receiving for her dating history. Michael B. Jordan is also being ridiculed for dating Lori because of her past. When did we, as people, become judges of one another? I can say with certainty that many of the people that have expressed ill feelings about Lori would have some serious explaining to do if their history was broadcasted to the public. I can think of several people who have way more of an extensive dating history than Lori’s, but no one knows about it because they are not public figures. At the end of the day, Lori is a 24-year-old young woman living her life for her. If I don’t have room to judge, then neither should anyone else.

I was asked if Lori is damaging herself and her future because of her dating history. Other stars like Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift don’t seem to be suffering from any backlash associated with their past relationships/flings. If these women are unaffected and still thriving in the industry…Why should Lori Harvey be negatively affected? Below is a timeline of these ladies’ past involvement with famous men.

Wesley Snipes (Actor)
Sean “Diddy” Combs (Producer/Rapper)
Ben Affleck (Actor)
Marc Anthony (Singer/Songwriter)
Casper Smart (Actor)
Chris Judd (Actor/Dancer)
Alex Rodriguez (Baseball player)
Tommy Matola (Music Executive)
Maksim Chemerkovskii (Dancing with the stars/2014)
Drake (Rapper)

Justin York (Guitarist)
Matt Thiessen (Guitarist)
Johnny Lewis (Actor)
Travis McCoy (Singer)
Mika (Singer/Songwriter)
Josh Groban (Singer)
James Valentine/Maroon 5 (Singer/Songwriter)
Russell Brand (Comedian/TV Star)
Robert Pattinson (Actor)
Baptiste Giabiconi (Famous Model)
Robert Ackroyd (Guitarist)
John Mayer (Singer)
Riff Raff (Rapper)
Jared Leto (Singer)
Diplo (DJ)
Orlando Bloom (Actor)

Joe Jonas
Lucas Till (Actor/Vid)
Taylor Lautner (Actor)
John Mayer (Singer/Songwriter)
Cory Monteith (Glee Star)
Jake Gyllenhaal (Actor)
Eddie Redmayne (Actor)
Zac Efron (Actor)
Conor Kennedy (Grandson of a Kennedy)
Harry Styles (Singer/Songwriter/Actor)
Calvin Harris (Record Producer/Songwriter)
Tom Hiddleston (Famous Actor)

I have no issues with the dating histories of any of these women because they were living their lives. There are much more important things for me to be concerned about than the manner in which another woman, or man, conducts themselves in his/her personal life. I challenge everyone else to have the same outlook before passing judgment on someone else. Again, I’m sure many of those condemning Lori would be looked at in quite a different light if their skeletons starting falling out of the closet. If you feel you need to talk down on Lori, then be sure to have that same energy with people like Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift and all of the men who do the same thing. I personally have better things to do with my time and energy than to be wound up about how a 24-year-old woman or anyone else handles their own affairs.


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