Introducing Dennis L Reed II Productions and The First Lady

By Staff


The Beautiful Machine Magazine Detroit is proud to introduce Local Producer, Dennis L. Reed II.

Season one of Dennis L. Reed II Production’s television series, I Declare War, currently streaming on Amazon Prime has secured 200k views within its’ first few months of placement.

Through their work, Dennis. L Reed II Productions positions prominent personalities of reality based series’ and burgeoning actors and attaches intriguing characters to their public personas. This diverse set of talent is given film and television opportunities through this production company that allows them to flourish in the heart of his storytelling. The strategy of fusing the popularity and exponential fan-bases of key cast members with exciting story lines is what has made this production company a front-runner in television, film and stage productions.

The evolution of the New Detroit is flourishing and evident in the newest Dennis L. Reed, II television production, The First Lady. A storyline that boasts the excessive wealth of street crime, the booming downtown Detroit cityscape and the authenticity of Detroit-based business serves as a priceless backdrop showcasing the thriving Metropolis that our is rapidly becoming.

First Lady


This film features unique talent and familiar faces. It is the story of Maria, a woman in her mid-thirties who suffered greatly in her early years. She had an absentee father and her mother died when she was a teen which left Maria to be raised by her aunt who happened to raise her two cousins and future business partners Sean and Will. This vulnerability led her to meet Mike, an older man who stood in the gap where her father would have stood. However, Mike’s influence jaded her for the street game and the game of life which influenced her greatly.

Maria would suffer more loss as Mike would be murdered while out in the world handling business. His death proved to be filled with as much controversy as his life.

After his death, Mike’s mother Ella would then take over all Mike had worked for, ultimately snatching everything from Maria including the home that Mike and Maria shared. While seizing Mike’s assets, Ella found out that Maria was pregnant and also found the keys to the location where Mike stashed his money and drugs. Meanwhile, Maria takes all that Mike has taught her and creates her own force in the streets to continue where Mike’s work had left off, making her a boss in every sense of the word. Maria then finds herself entangled in love again; only her new love interest is the head of the opposing crime syndicate; the very crime syndicate responsible for Mike’s death.

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