In this month's Jealous or Justified "The Sneezing Snafu"


Due to downsizing, the company I work for recently transferred me and two other employees to a different office building.

Everything is going fine; everyone has been helpful and pleasant to us. It’s important to mention that all three of us are black and everyone at our new office is white.

The office setup is an open floorplan style, we all have cubicles that are connected so it easy to speak to each other.

When someone in the office sneezes it is immediately met the chorus of “bless you!" Without fail, if you sneeze, you get a "bless you."

Well except for the three of us, we sneeze no one says anything, not a single word. We noticed this, and we’re treated professionally at work, but we find this a little off-putting.

It has really started to bother us.

Are we being too sensitive or is this something that should concern us?

Please help us out!

Are we being too sensitive or is there something that should concern us?

Your being Sensitive

You have a Point

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