In this Jealous or Justified, Single Mom does everything for her Son, but Son gives credit to his Dad


When my ex-husband and I divorced over four years ago he decided to move out of state to pursue his dreams and to reconnect with his family. Our Son and I remained in our hometown in Texas.

As a single mom and primary caregiver I do the majority of the work; physically, mentally, and financially. Although I knew things would change when we got a divorce, I expected some help from my son's father.

Not only am I now the sole provider but I also have to teach a boy how to be a young man which typically is the Dad's job.

My son and I are extremely active, we love family outings and because of my job we get to travel and experience a lot of things. Needless to say, I bust my ass to make things happen and so that we can have things and life we do.

My son doesn’t get to see his Dad that often, due to distance and the fact that his Dad still trying to get his life together, but when they do connect it's like they never missed a beat.

Just the other day my son asked me for a new device for his computer and at the time I really didn’t have the cash to make the sacrifice, so I told him to call and ask his dad.

He replied, "I don't want to ask Dad." I was surprised and asked him why not, he replied, “well I know Dad doesn't have it and I don’t want to put any pressure on him."

This year, when my son gave my his birthday wishlist, I asked him if i had shared it with his Dad. He replied that he had, but did not think his dad would be able to get him any of the presents he wanted. When his birthday came he got just about got everything he asked for, from me.

The other day when we were driving, I overheard him having a conversation with his friend, and he said, "My dad is the best! He gets me whatever I want and does everything for me!"

I immediately was offended, am I jealous or is it justified? I know he's a Kid but man, that hurt me.

Please help me, Am I just or Justified?

Jealous or Justified
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