In this Jealous or Justified, “I don’t want to send my Son to visit his Dad! Am I wrong? I need your help."

Adapted by Antisia King


I was in a relationship with my Son's Father for eight years, and as time passed It became clear that we weren't on the same path.

As much as I loved him, we just couldn’t make things work, during our relationship I became seriously ill and I was near death, I was taking seven different medications on a daily basis.

Determined to live and see my son grow up, I sought out holistic remedies for my illness. I began a plant-based diet and began a regimen of healing herbs. I studied Holistic Medicine as if my life depended on it because it did.

After years of research and strict discipline, I began to feel better to the point that my illness has been in remission for four years and I feel great.

My whole life changed, I became closer to God and adopted a healthy lifestyle. My Ex watched me improved my life while I watched him continue an unhealthy lifestyle.

It wasn't long before we finally parted ways, he moved out of state and began a new life. I've dedicated my life to maintaining my health so I can be around for my Son. We're very active and we eat right, I’ve been teaching him that your health is your true wealth and to be a kind and responsible person.

When his Dad comes to visit it's clear that he hasn't changed some of his old ways, and I find that repulsive. Last summer I sent my Son to visit for three months and he came back 15lbs heavier.

What makes me so angry is that I stressed how this is our way of life now, and please keep him on the right path to a healthy life.

When I asked him why didn't he follow my wishes, it turned into a huge argument, and nothing was resolved, don't forget this is the same person who watched me heal myself by eating right and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Now he wants me to send my Son for another long visit and I don't want to. I feel the good eating habits I have put into my son will soon go out the window.

I know that's his Dad but I'm the primary caregiver and I'm really torn about this. I want him to see his Dad but I also want him to be healthy especially now with Covid still wreaking havoc, I don't think I'm going to send him for long.

Am I Jealous or Justified?

Please help me.

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