By Antisia King


I grew up in a mostly all white neighborhood just outside of Chicago. My Dad was a Dentist and my Mom stayed at home with me and my sister. My Dad was killed by a drunk Driver when I was thirteen years old. My Mom went back to school and became a successful Attorney and we were able to keep everything intact.

Growing up, my two best friends were Brian and Kevin. Both of them were white guys, but since I’ve known them both since kindergarten they were actually more like family. After high school we all went off to different colleges.

We would always link back up in the summer and do a weekend trip. Mostly we’d just go camping and drink lots of beer but one summer Kevin and I noticed that Brian had changed. He started saying things like Barack Obama wasn’t born in America and would get really agitated when he saw Mexican people or heard people speaking another language besides English. We’d had conversations about race before and we didn’t always agree, but I never felt like he was a racist.

With the pandemic in full swing, Kevin was the only one that landed a job right after graduation. He got hired at an advertising agency in Chicago making great money. A few months later I got offered a job out west but I couldn’t leave home because my Mom was now fighting a serious medical condition and needed me so I couldn’t accept. Brian didn’t have a care in the world; his family was rich, so rich that his Dad purchased him a Condominium and a new Range Rover as a graduation gift and of course he was getting a healthy monthly allowance.

We recently met at his condo to catch up with each other. The discussion quickly turned to the killing of George Floyd and the protests. Kevin and I couldn’t believe the stuff that was coming out of his mouth. It was so ridiculous that they almost began fighting. So I changed the subject, Kevin then told me about an opening at the agency. He said I’d be perfect for the position. Brian asked Kevin about it also but he quickly dismissed it and said it wasn’t enough money for him. Kevin also warned me that the office was full of people that thought like Brian.

I applied for the position and to my surprise so did Brian. I asked him why he applied and he said he was just bored. We both got to the second interview which was with the Project Manager that we would be working under.

So a few weeks went by so I asked Kevin for some feedback and he said they loved me and they were just trying to figure out how to approach bringing the new hires in the office safely while we’re still dealing with Covid 19 but he felt great about my chances, which put me at ease.

About two weeks later, Kevin came to see me and said Brian had gotten the position. He was confused because they weren’t that impressed with him. Kevin was obviously holding something from me. He finally told me he had asked the Project Manager why I didn’t get the position and he told him “Fuck those Black Lives Matter Mutherfukers, Black lives don’t matter to me.

We told Brian what happened and Kevin asked him to quit the job so they could hire me. Brian refused to believe that was the case and even blamed me for playing the race card, and went on a racist rant that lasted five minutes. That was it for me, I ended our lifelong friendship. Brian was recently fired because of his horrible work ethic and Kevin resigned due to the toxic work environment. Brian has been calling me none-stop trying to apologize, but I can’t forgive the things he said.

Was ending the friendship the right thing to do? Am I Jealous or Justified?

Jealous Or Justified
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By the way, my Mom beat Cancer and little did I know that my Dad had set aside money for me and my sister, so Kevin and I formed a company called Unity Marketing and we’re doing fine.