IN THIS JEALOUS OR JUSTIFIED "My Girlfriend wants a Prenup, now I'm thinking about calling off the engagement."

Sent in By Brian M.
Written by Antisia King


When I graduated from Law School I didn’t get recruited by any big firms, I didn’t finish at the top of my class in fact I finished in the bottom half.

All my life I’ve suffered from Dyslexia which made Law School more difficult for me. Even though I have this challenge I knew I was going to be a success. Outside of my family my biggest cheerleader has been my girlfriend. She has always been there for me, without her love and support I probably wouldn’t have gotten through Law School.

After graduation I set up a small office and began my practice as a personal injury Attorney. Business was very slow at first so I started taking the cases that other Attorneys didn’t want. I worked very hard on these cases, I made sure I knew the law and had my strategies in place. I was better prepared than most Attorneys, Dyslexia or not. I was determined and I won large settlements for seven of my first ten clients. I had finally figured how to work around my Dyslexia.

By the age of 33 I was a multimillionaire with a booming practice. I was so grateful to my family and girlfriend. I retired my parents and surprised my girlfriend with an elaborate proposal, of course she said yes.

Life was great; we were building our dream home and planning a wedding, she is a school teacher so we had the whole summer to plan things out.

I was advised to have her sign a prenuptial agreement. I literally didn’t realize just how much money I was worth as I had gotten very rich very quickly. I wouldn’t dream of asking her to sign a prenup because I wouldn’t be where I’m if it wasn’t for her. She’s the love of my life.

One day out of nowhere she asked me if I was going to have her sign one, to which I answered, "what’s mine is yours."

A few weeks later the phone rang and after a few minutes she just dropped the phone and started crying. I didn’t know what was going so I just held her in my arms until she could talk through the tears. That day, we came to find out her uncle passed away from a heart attack. She was like a daughter to him.

He was estranged from the family because he was gay and his family never accepted him because of that. But my girlfriend wasn’t like that, she would go visit him, we even went on vacations together. I felt her pain because he was a great guy.

We flew to Florida, where he had lived to handle his final arrangements. He had everything all planned out because he had had a heart condition for years, though we didn't know it. While we were there his long time Attorney informed my girlfriend that she was the sole beneficiary of her Uncle’s estate.

We decided to push the wedding date back so she could settle his estate and truly understand what she was dealing with. Once things were finalized my girlfriend had inherited millions of dollars in cash and assets, just like that she was rich.
A few months later when things had settled down we began discussing our wedding plans again. And to my surprise she informed me that she was now requiring that I sign a prenuptial agreement. I couldn’t believe it.

When I was the one with everything at stake I never even considered it, but now that she has money things have changed. Words cannot express the hurt I feel.

I am now very doubtful of and insecure about relationship. Honestly, I'm even at a point where I am considering calling our wedding off and breaking up. I don’t understand.

I thought she loved me the same way I love her. Has the money changed the way she feels about me? I don’t know what to think... All I know is that I can't deal with the heartbreak that I feel.

Is calling it quits the right answer? I need your help, am I jealous or justified in my feelings?

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