In This Dr. Sabrina Says, "Should I select a man for love or my culture?"

Dear Dr. Sabrina,

I really need your help and advice. I am a single woman who is dating two men. I am one who feels that dating is not exclusive. So, I really do not have that as an issue. My challenge is I feel like I should make a choice as I am ready for exclusively. Man number 1 is a black man and I am black. He is cool however I feel like he is a bit controlling and is always trying to correct me on things. He is not degreed where as I have 3 degrees. The sex is incredible!!! Now on to man number 2....he is white. He is so kind and super supportive and I feel like he just gets me. We have not had sex and I am hoping it is good. I am feeling some kind of way about selecting the white man over the black man because I am black. Should I select for love or my culture?

From Does Love Matter

Should she choose the black man simply because he is black?
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