IN THIS DR. SABRINA SAYS, "Should I file a Restraining Order or just try to handle it myself?"


Dear Dr. Sabrina,

Hey Sis, let me begin by stating that I absolutely love seeing you on Fox 2. You always get information that I can use or you really make me think. Ok, that is why I felt comfortable asking you how I should handle my issue.

I am a 43 year old man, skilled trade worker, no children, and have never been married. I have been in a relationship with my woman for 5 years now and the relationship started out ok but has really gotten worse. She is a tiny woman of only 4'11 but very hot tempered. When she gets angry she is out of control. She has one 14 year old daughter and I feel she is picking up these bad habits. Over the years, she has become very controlling, verbally abusive, and now even hitting me. I PROMISE, I HAVE NEVER HIT HER. She is pressing for marriage, I have not asked because even though I love her, I hate the aggressive behaviors. She also apologizes with tears after she is mean to me.

Ok, where we are today, she has hit me , bit me, and destroyed several of my things. I want to even file a Protective Order as the police have been called several times. I feel like if people find out they will make fun of me. I am all man however I know if I hit her I could really hurt her. Should I file a Restraining Order or just try to handle it myself?

Should He file a Restraining Order or just try to handle it himself?
File Restraining Order
Handle it Himself
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