In this Ask Dr. Sabrina, "Should I tell this family friend how I feel and not attend the party?"


Dear Dr Sabrina:

I really need some help on this one as I am truly torn. My mother has had a best friend for over 40 years and she has been a regular part of our family. Well about 3 years ago she told my mother that "God told her to stop being friends with her". This really hurt my mom which in turn has affected all of us adult children. My mom has told us NOT to be mean to her and to continue loving her. I have respected and loved this woman all may life. However, since the rift between her and my mother she has not attended any family events that she knew my mom was also attending. I had a very significant birthday celebration with people attending from all over the country. I spoke directly to her and told her how much it would mean to me to have her ther. She did not come and told me that God did not want her around my mother. Let me go on the record and state that I have no idea where this "God telling her not to be friends with my mom" even came from.

This is my issue, she has an 80th birthday celebration coming up and she has reached out and wants me to attend. I am really feeling some kind of way. Should I bury my feelings and just attend, or should I tell her exactly how I feel and not attend as I really do not want to...

Totally Confused!

Should she tell this family friend how she feels and not attend the party?
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