In this Ask Dr. Sabrina, "Should I take on the responsibility of a legal guardian for my brother who has a mental illness?"

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Dear Dr. Sabrina,

I am writing as I really hope you can help me. I am the youngest in a family of five, three males and two females. We were raised by an incredible single parent who did an amazing job with all of us. One of my siblings has always been a little different than the rest of us. He is the middle child and I always heard that the middle child can be a handful. While growing up, he fought with us and classmates, had a short fuse. I remember one night; I was feeling ill, and it was my night to wash dishes. My mom instructed my brother to do the dishes and it led to a major blow-up. The police were called as he was aggressive with our mother.

Ok, now to my current day dilemma, my brother has been diagnosed with a mental illness and requires assistance with managing his medical and financial decisions. Although I am the youngest, I am seen and treated as the most responsible. My brother needs a legal guardian, and my siblings are not helping at all. I am a bit afraid of my brother although I love him. I am not familiar with the diagnosis of Bi-Polar and simply do not feel equipped to manage the role of guardian. Should I take on the responsibility or allow the court to appoint a legal guardian as that is an option.

Thank you in advance for assistance and real-life advice you provide both here and on Fox 2.


Confused Baby Sister.

Should she take on responsibility of a legal guardian for her brother who has a mental illness?
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