In This Ask Dr. Sabrina, "Should I take a chance at love with a man who does NOT meet my conservative vibe?"

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Dear Dr. Sabrina,

I have been really struggling with how to handle the new man in my life. I am a busy corporate professional and I have been single for 12 years. I have been dealing with meeting men who are intimidated by "A Strong Black Woman". I have been raised by parents who were married for 35 years and with a strong church foundation. My grandfather was a pastor in the Church of God in Christ and I have a very conservative way of living both personally and professionally.

In walks a new man that has just been amazing. He is a great father, has his own home improvement business, and simply wonderful to me. I have not introduced him to my family and friends because he does NOT look like the conservative vibe we represent. He has spent 12 years in prison and has ALOT of tattoos. I mean alot on his arms, legs, hands, and neck. I know people will have something to say based on his look. I am feeling some kind of way about taking him to church, business events, etc.

I have been thinking about breaking up with him,however honestly I have never been treated so well. What should I do??

Sincerely Conflicted.

Should Sincerely Conflicted take a chance at love with a man who does NOT meet her conservative vibe?
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